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This Mutant Human-Faced Animal Is Being Worshiped As ‘god’

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Over time there have been thousands upon thousands of things worshiped and looked at as idles and gods. Heck, Hinduism alone is said to have 33 million gods. There is no shortage of what things people like to worship and call god from animals to people who walk around claiming they are gods to inanimate objects.

Goats are one of many animals already worshiped around the world and can hold the symbolism of Baphomet which is worshiped by various occults and satanists. However, this new mutant goat with a human-like face is making rounds and is also being worshiped as a god.

The freak goat was born in the small town Nimodia on the outskirts of Jaipur, the capital of the territory of Rajasthan, India. Albeit at first, the local people of Nimodia felt the goat seemed to resemble a grumpy old man with its human-like features, they chose to worship it as a symbol of god for its eerie features.

However, if you ask me if, if that is all it takes for these people to worship an animal, they should check out some of the creatures that get washed up from the abyss of the ocean when tsunamis happen, but who knows they are probably already aware of said creatures and worship them too.

Pictures and recordings of the extraordinary creature were shared by its owner Mukeshji Prajapap via social media. One of the recordings, in which the beast can be seen biting and swaying its tail and strolling around the hut quickly spread like wildfire and went viral. As the video circulated and more people became aware of the eerie goat, it eventually made its way to scientists and people who aren’t convinced this is ‘god’.

In a couple of different snaps, the goat can be seen gazing at Mukeshji Prajapap when he attempted to pet the creature’s scalp.

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According to a scientific perspective, it seems like the goat is suffering from cyclopia, a rare genetic defect. In this deformity, the qualities which should make facial balance neglect to communicate.

Normally, this deformity prompts premature delivery or stillbirth. Despite its introduction to the world, the projection of the human-like goat isn’t ideal as the design of its face could cause breathing and eating hardships, making life difficult for the animal.

Be that as it may, unusual comparative births have been accounted for from various regions of the planet. One more such case from India is the introduction of the ‘cyclops kid,’ a goat with a solitary eye on its forehead. The young goat had just a lone eye because its brain which was still developing failed to divide the area to create two hemispheres for the eyes. Sadly, but probably for the best, the intriguing goat passed on half a month shortly after it was born into this world.

While observing animals with deformities such as this might be fascinating it might be best if they pass on at some point if they are constantly suffering due to their deformities. I’m sure the goat doesn’t think it is god and that it just wants to eat and be a normal goat.