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This Man That Transitioned into A Female Says He Regrets Having His Penis Cut Off

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A man who briefly transitioned claimed the trans community brainwashed him. He said they made him think he was a woman in a man’s body, which made him get gender reassignment surgery. 

Identified with the name Shape Shifter, he explained his situation in a YouTube video that received over 50,000 views with 3,000 likes. Shape Shifter is a 32-year-old man who lives in Massachusetts. He is of Mid eastern origin and grew up in a Muslim country in the Balkans. 

Shape Shifter mentioned that this region’s homophobia and culture led him to believe that his life might be better as a woman since he is attracted to men. More so, being gay in his environment was prohibited and strictly frowned upon. He said he was brainwashed to believe that becoming a woman would help him lead a happier life.

Shape Shifter said Fenway Health gave him a referral letter in Massachusetts. His surgery was performed by Dr. Sherman Leis of the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, the most experienced gender reassignment surgeon in America.

The video dubbed “I am detransitioning. [Male to Female to Non-Binary]. No more lies and fairy tales” was an hour-long video where he explained his process so far.

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He said, “I am embracing the fact that I am a man who got brainwashed by gender ideology that I was in a ‘wrong’ body and I needed to alter my body to be my ‘authentic’ self. My body was perfect as is. I should have never messed with my original blueprint.”

After completing his operation in 2015, he said the realization hit him that he had just made the worst mistake of his life. He realized that he didn’t have to be a woman to be attracted to men as he was just a gay man who enjoyed presenting in a feminine way.

However, it was too late for him as he had undergone the irreversible procedure of removing his penis and creating a ‘neo-vagina.’ 

Shape Shifter said he is now left with osteoporosis, scoliosis, and a ‘vagina.’ He said his body believes this is just an injury and has tried to heal it by closing it up. In addition, he claims his mental health has also suffered from this as he now battles several conditions, including depression and a rescued sex drive.

Finally, Shape Shifter noted that several men like him are brainwashed to believe they need to identify as females. Not knowing what they are getting into, many of them have gotten gender-affirming surgeries even as minors. 

Shape Shifter says men who enjoy femininity should be able to enjoy it without being brainwashed to change their entire identities.

He said, “I miss my penis, and I completely f***ed up.” “I’ve been so delusional for all these years, and I just wish my family and friends weren’t so supportive of my decision. I wish they sat me down and talked to me and said, like, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do? Maybe you’ll grow out of this.'”

Shape Shifter concluded, “All the things that I say are not going to be perceived well by the trans community, but I don’t care.”