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This Father Just Disowned His 10-year-Old ‘Trans Model’ Daughter

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The 10-year-old trans model, Noella McMaher, has been denounced by her biological father this week as he said, “she’s not my kid anymore.” Noelle is a runway model who is already getting hyped by the media as the world’s “youngest transgender model. 

According to reports, her father, Timothy McCord, has been against Noella’s transitioning since she was four. McCord and his ex-wife, Dee McMaher, had locked heads several times as they both had different opinions on Noelle’s gender identity. 

When asked about Noella being socially transitioned and potentially undergoing a surgical transition in the future, he said he had no say in that aspect of her life. 

He told the media, “I have no say in it. She’s not my kid anymore.”

According to McCord, there have been issues within their family since 2016. An incident happened in 2016 when McCord was dressing Noella for bed. Dee claimed that McCord had hurt the child’s arm while forcing her into male pajamas.

Following this incident, Dee called him the next day and told him to stay away from the children because of his negligence. She claimed that he had hurt Noella by forcing her to do what was not meant for her, which led her to sustain a sprain on her arm. After ending the call, she told him that he needed to get a lawyer immediately as Noelle’s arm was broken.

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Dee sued McCord for this incident and tried to have him convicted of a hate crime but was unsuccessful. 

The legal battle between the duo dragged on for two years. McCord, who feared that Dee was ready to let this suit drag on till she got what she wanted, ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment.

He was given probation by the court and ended up losing custody of his two children to his ex-wife.

Dee is remarried to Ray McMaher. The duo were biological females by birth but later transitioned shortly after Noella. They now identify as non-binary people.

Dee said, “My spouse and I are also transgender. Noella transitioned way before we did. She is the most self-assured person I know. I tell her all the time I want to be like her when I grow up.”

Earlier this year, Dee told Forbes, “Noella’s first show was Chicago Fashion Week at 7 years old. An out trans teen told her about open auditions, and she watched YouTube videos to prepare. She booked two designers at her very first audition. Since then, she has been in two Chicago Fashion Weeks and a handful of smaller shows.”

She added, “Our job as parents for all three of our children is to embrace their individual needs. With Noella we have a child who has known who she was from very early on.”

McCord also said he tried to get back into their lives, but that did not work out and was uncomfortable for all parties involved. However, he denies all allegations from Dee but surrenders all his parental rights to her and her spouse.

He said, “I was given the opportunity to step back and let Dee’s partner adopt the kids and I did that in the hopes they would not have all the stress this was causing in their lives. If they have questions, I’m here. I’m not hard to find.”

Noella now has a modeling career with thousands of followers on her social media accounts. She also has a website where her fans donate funds to support her dreams.