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This Famous ‘Sexy’ Model Was Seen Celebrating Her ‘Big’ Day on the Beach

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This model can be seen living her best life when she was spotted celebrating her birthday on the beach in a pink two-piece swimsuit as she said, “I’m always gonna be a hottie!”

Tess Holliday just turned 37 and spent her birthday next to the oceanfront, splashing and playing in the water with some friends of hers. She was happy to take a few snapshots and post them online.

“I might be almost 40 but I’m always gonna be a hottie!!!! Don’t forget it 😝. Thank you all so much for the birthday love! I know I’m a couple of days late posting, but this year I really wanted to just put my phone down & be in the moment.” she wrote in her posts alongside her photographs.

The post continues, and so do the pictures, but what was longer was the number of comments and shares it got. The post gave her follows some positive encouragement, and she received a great deal of affection from her followers and supporters, including a comment from Mandy Moore, who stated, “Happiest birthday, beauty!!!!”

Many of the comments were bright and passed the vibe check for a happy birthday. Sure, there are probably some negative ones, but that’s nothing new.

Obviously, Holliday has never been timid or shy about sharing her messages on social media about her weight or eating disorders. She’s in the past found it hard to cherish her body and has often had to defend herself against internet trolls who only want to talk about her weight.

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Even last month in June, she responded to a body-shamer on TikTok who said they were “grossed out” by fat people on social media.

“Unfortunately, that is all happening in a bubble. You are seeking out content of larger-bodied individuals as a way to make yourself feel better. Which is kind of a weird thing to do in general, especially when I can guarantee you a lot of the larger bodied individuals you’re following have happy, full lives, not despite them being fat – they just are. They just exist.” she said.

She’s used to dealing with people who shame her about her size but says that it doesn’t stop her or slow her down from living her life to the fullest.

But how does she deal with the constant bombardment of internet trolls and or people pointing out her flaws? How can she still find it in her to enjoy the beach in a small swimsuit and confidently post it online? Well, here is what she had to say about that:

“The reality is that I’ve gotten fatter over the years, my weight has fluctuated. But the one thing that I have maintained through all of this is my joy. And I am fatter right now than I’ve been in a while, but I’m also happier.”

She adds that there are an equal or greater amount of people commenting on the joy radiating off of her, and she’s just so happy. She acknowledged that some people would only see her as being fat and completely miss everything else, saying that if anyone is putting out negativity like that – that they are only showing off their own character.