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WATCH: This Official Fact-Checker Was Arrested for Putting Out This Tweet

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Recently we’ve all heard to term ‘fact-checkers’ and how they play a very important role in canceling anything that goes against certain agendas. These fact-checkers won’t hesitate to find some nobody on the internet and get their post canceled, but who are these elusive creatures? Who has the right to say anything is fact or not, and take things down that might indeed be fact?

Well, people who may not have a life, nothing else better to do, or just have way too much time on their hands and spend it all on the internet.

You never see them or hear about them, only that they mysteriously swoop down and ‘fact-check’ something to get rid of it. Well, today we get to see one of these untouchable fact-checkers and his name is Mohammed Zubair.

Mohammed who probably goes by Burt – one of India’s driving fact-checkers, has as of late, highlighted the decision party representative Nupur Sharma’s disputable remarks against the prophet Muhammad, and has invested a large portion of his time moving between detainment facilities and courts.

He was arrested on June 27 north of a 2018 Tweet for “insulting Hindu religious beliefs”. Afterward, there were even more charges made against him that included criminal scheme, annihilating and temperament of proof, and obtaining foreign assets.

I suppose you could say the predator became the pray, or the fact-checker got checked.

Days after the fact, police in the northern territory of Uttar Pradesh assumed control over his custody. They accused him of utilizing an “offensive term – hatemongers” to depict three Hindu strict pioneers who were found in recordings participating in revulsion discourse, driving viciousness against Muslims, or taking actions to assault Muslim ladies. On Friday, the Supreme Court conceded him a five-day impermanent bail for the circumstances in the wake of hearing that he was facing passing threats.

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The fact is the 39-year-old will most likely stay in custody until he’s allowed bail in the first case which Delhi police have captured him for.

Days before his capture, he posted messages on Twitter expressing a portion of his tweets condemning Islamophobic remarks made by Hindu pioneers that were being “withheld” which simply means that implies that they cannot be seen in India.

When Mohammed was taken to court, he said that he has been captured because he’s Muslim and because of the type of work he does. Authorities say that there are most likely dodgy foreign payments in his bank account, which he has denied.

Critics speculate that his capture lines up with the connection to his generally shared tweet that featured Ms. Sharma’s remarks during a TV banter at the tail end of May. Sharma’s comments exasperated Indian Muslims and put the decision Bharatiya Janta Party or BJP government in a conciliatory difficult situation with several Muslim countries protesting in India.

Soon enough calls were being made for Sharma to be arrested, and the BJP denounced her as their representative. Be that as it may, the internet warriors of Sharma started calling for Mr. Zubair’s arrest after she faulted him for “inciting hatred against” which in turn caused her to start receiving “rape and death threats” on Twitter.

A strong movement began and hashtags such as “#arrestzubair” began circulating, and precisely a month after the fact, Delhi police called him to examine him concerning a photo he had posted of a man blamed for an attack.

From that point forward it was a slippery slope for the almighty fact-checker. They pinned other charges on him such as a four-year-old tweet, remarking on the photo of an inn billboard, changed from ‘Honeymoon Hotel’ to ‘Hanuman Hotel’.

Arrested, and one charge even popped its head up from four years ago on the internet. Kids, sometimes it pays to listen to your parents and go play outside, there’s more to life than living online.