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These Hockey Players Are Getting Slammed With Allegations of Involvement in Massive Sexual Assault Claim

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There is a colossal rape allegation going on involving Hockey Canada and has been going on since 2018. The charges had originally become exposed in May after Hockey Canada settled a claim with a lady who continues to be unnamed who said she was physically attacked by eight CHL players, including individuals from the 2018 World Junior group, in London back in June of 2018.

However, over time multiple hockey players have come forward saying they had no involvement in the case, and now, three more members have recently as of Wednesday come forward saying the same.

Free-agent goaltender Colton Point, Buffalo Sabers defensemen Kale Clague and Anaheim Ducks winger Max Comtois put in their announcements, following quite a bit of other players who have taken comparative actions.

Comtois has said he was “not involved in any way with the alleged abuse,” and is willing to assist with the investigations in any way he can. Point said he was “not in any way involved” in what is said to have taken place. While Clague said he wasn’t even around during the night when events were said to have happened.

The statements come a day after four other individuals from the World Junior group in St. Louis Blues advances Jordan Kyrou and Robert Thomas, Chicago Blackhawks forward Taylor Raddysh, and the agent Sam Steel who released their statements rejecting any involvement whatsoever in the portrayed occurrence.

Point’s and the other statements seemed to be very similar and have come out around the same time, his statement, in particular, was shared online and read: “At that time, I cooperated fully with the initial Hockey Canada investigation. I was not in any way involved in the alleged incident and I am prepared to cooperate with any additional investigations in the future.”

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In the weeks since things began leaking out, Hockey Canada has been under extreme scrutiny for its treatment of the occurrence. Last month, the public administration froze its budget and, soon after, various significant patrons declared they were pulling out their help and investments from the association in front of the forthcoming 2022 World Juniors in August, requesting change and responsibility inside the association. A public outcry to figure things out like who knows what, when, and how it happened, and hold all parties involved responsible.

Statement after statement was being made online and by the hockey players that were allegedly there. In total 9 statements were made, all of which were saying they had nothing to do with the claim. Likewise, the majority of the statements were made around the same time, and sound oddly similar to one another.

Last Thursday, Hockey Canada reported that it was resuming its investigation. The legal counselor for the woman who filed the lawsuit against Hockey Canada, the CHL, and the eight anonymous players told Sportsnet his client will take part in the resumed inquiry. Hockey Canada settled the claim, oddly the case hasn’t even been heard in a court of law. This story is still developing, and it looks like there may be lots more to come, but in the meantime, we can probably expect to see more statements from players come out on social media claiming they had nothing to do with the claim.