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WATCH: The Only Thing Missing Was a Movie Set When This Vehicle Caused a Chain Reaction

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Like a scene, you’d expect to see in some crazy zombie movie or something a vehicle slammed into a building and caused a fire injuring a lot of people in the process. The only things that were missing were the zombies and the movie set.

At this time at least 15 people were injured during the incident when a rideshare vehicle collided with an Irish bar in Arlington, Virginia, Friday night, and as if it couldn’t get any worse the vehicle slammed into the building and ignited a fire.

According to authorities out of Arlington, a rideshare driver with a traveler in his vehicle went off the street and rammed into the eatery at around 6:45 p.m. Friday. In the video flares and thick smoke can be surging from Ireland’s Four Courts bar, which is nuzzled right in the area nearby the Arlington Courthouse.

Not the pub! Hopefully, the individuals who were involved are recovering well, but that poor pub owner faces lots of damage to his business.

Authorities said on Saturday that the injury count increased from 14 to 15, affirming that a sum of nine individuals was sent to the hospital. Two of the individuals who were taken to the hospital were in critical condition, and a third person of the initial 15 was in serious condition. The other six were hospitalized with miscellaneous injuries that were not life-threatening. Authorities added that the driver was among those who were taken to the hospital.

In addition to that, there were six other individuals who were examined and treated at the site, but released on Friday after they were given treatment.

You could easily imagine this happening in a movie where there might have been one individual in the vehicle who was a zombie and the others inside began panicking prompting the driver to lose control and slam into the nearby pub only to cause a Hollywood explosion. However, would the remaining survivors make their way into the pub and continue their fight to live, or will they all become zombies, and this was just an opening scene where the main characters are located inside the pub and the movie begins there.

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Scenes like this are cool in the movies, but not in real life. I’m sure the pub owner had to close business for days to work on repairs which he will probably be having to pay for some of even if he has insurance. There were multiple people injured and some even in critical condition. However, at this time, it looks like the good news is that no one has died from this Hollywood-like event.

Once the local fire department was able to stifle the flames, engineers established that the structure was “structurally sound, but could not be reoccupied,” as per the fire department.

The reason for the accident stays under “active investigation” as “detectives continue to review the evidence and speak with witnesses to determine the events that preceded the crash,” authorities unveiled Saturday.

The pub’s owner didn’t miss a beat and kept his cool as most pub owners would and put out a tweet Friday reading: “Please keep all the injured in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks to @ArlingtonVaPD and @ArlingtonVaFD for their quick response. We are devastated.”