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The AFL Releases Parental Consent Letter to Arm Parents Against Nationwide Woke Agenda in Schools

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For the first time since the “woke” mob started bullying parents nationwide about accepting the indoctrination being rammed down the throats of their children, an organization has finally stepped up to aid parents in their fight across the country to stop public schools from indoctrinating their kids. You may view or download the letter here. 

The America First Legal (AFL )Parental Rights Demand Letter Template was created by the organization for parents across the United States so that they could arm themselves and protect their children against harmful, evil, insidious woke ideologies that seem to be inundating public school classrooms and teacher’s unions across the country. This Demand Letter Template gives parents back their voice so that they have a say in what their children are learning by taking independent and quick action by putting schools on notice that parents are paying close attention to what kind of curriculum and other materials their children are being taught. 

Once the Demand Letter is sent to a school principal or administrator, it triggers legal protections for parents. It puts administrators and teachers on notice that violating parents’ federal and state law rights through woke indoctrination of children will have direct consequences for those involved. (CRT), and surveys or information collections on such nonsense as preferred pronouns, political bias, and religious beliefs without prior consent from a parent. The letter also clearly states that a school may not hide under any circumstances his or her child’s so-called “gender identity transition” and may not conceal any referral to a third-party mental health counsel, an abortion provider, or illegal drug use, which may include gender therapy drugs.   

The AFL Toolkit was developed to make American parents and guardians aware of their rights under the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA). All parents, no matter where they live in the United States, have a Constitutional right to control their children’s care, custody, upbringing, and educational instruction. The PPRA  guarantees parents the right to have full access to all of the instructional materials used in public school classrooms, requiring the administrators and teachers to obtain parents’ written consent before conducting any survey, analysis, or evaluation revealing information concerning political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student’s parent, sex behavior or attitudes, religious practices, associations, or beliefs, or any form of illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior. Some States already guarantee parents similar rights, but this is just common sense as none of these things should have ever become part of the classroom curriculum in any part of this country. 

As the AFL will continue fighting to help parents protect our children from the radical racism and extreme gender ideology of woke public school bureaucrats and teacher unions, The AFL Parental Rights Demand Letter will provide parents with a powerful tool as they combat those who seek to silence or marginalize parents from parenting their children, as well as aim to continue indoctrinating and poisoning our children instead of teaching them using a classical curriculum. Currently, the United States ranks a mere 27 in education worldwide. That is a shame, and we should do better. Let’s start by actually teaching our kids. 

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