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WATCH: Thanks to a Dog Who Wasn’t McMuffin Around, an Airline Passenger Gets Hefty Fine

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An airline passenger has been fined almost $2,000 after a dog sniffed out what was in their luggage over in Australia. The finding has authorities along with many individuals wondering why the person was carrying so much of it, where he was able to obtain it all, and what he planned to do with it.

The anonymous individual venturing out from Indonesia to Australia was fined over $2,500 Australian dollars or $1,874 in American dollars after the dog sniffed what was in his bag. It wasn’t explosives, chemical gels, or anything like a firearm. The dog had sniffed out breakfast. You read that right, the individual was found carrying two undeclared egg and sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant.

Things must be very slow at this time for someone to be charged and authorities go after someone who had undeclared McMuffins in their bags, but the dog wasn’t McMuffin around and neither were the authorities after the triplet of McDonald’s morning meal sandwiches were tracked down in the persons baggage showing up at the Darwin Airport, according to Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

The McIncident occurred closely following Australian specialists executing a new biosecurity measure after a Foot and Mouth disease otherwise known as FMD outbreak occurred in Indonesia and spread to Bali.

“This will be the most expensive Maccas meal this passenger ever has, this fine is twice the cost of an airfare to Bali, but I have no sympathy for people who choose to disobey Australia’s strict biosecurity measures, and recent detections show you will be caught,” said Minister Murray Watt in an official statement.

Of all the things going on in the world right now with people fighting over rights, people fighting over babies’ lives, and wars and rumors of wars this person got caught red-handed with some Mickey Dees. I bet he wasn’t lovin’ it anymore after getting hit with such a heavy fine for something that would probably cost five bucks.

As per Watt, the air terminal’s new biosecurity canine is named Zinta and had sniffed out the meat last week in a backpack of the traveler when they were arriving from Indonesia. At that point, security didn’t waste any time seizing the all-so-important meat and items. As of now, they are still in possession of the sandwiches and plan to send them off to be tested for FMD before they are obliterated.

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“Australia is FMD-free, and we want it to stay that way,” Watt said. “Biosecurity is no joke – it helps protect jobs, our farms, and food and supports the economy. Passengers who choose to travel need to make sure they are fulfilling the conditions to enter Australia, by following all biosecurity measures.”

According to the authorities, the traveler was given a 12-unit infringement notice for “failing to declare potential high biosecurity risk items and providing a false and misleading document.”

I bet this person will probably think twice before pulling this stunt again and might not even get McDonald’s again after these consequences.