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(VIDEO) Texas Teacher Fired For Telling Students not to ‘Judge People Who Want Sex with 5 Year Olds’

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A teacher in Texas was fired after she was caught on tape telling students not to pass judgment on those who want to “have sex with five year olds”.  

Amber Parker, 53, who was an English teacher at Franklin High School in El Paso was filmed telling kids not to “judge” pedophiles, but to instead refer to them as “minor attracted persons”.

The clip, which was posted to video sharing platform, TikTok caused outrage, as Parker can be heard telling students to “stop calling them that”.

“You’re not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We’re not gonna call them that,” she said as she became angry that a student had referred to those who abuse children as ‘pedophiles.

Sickeningly, she can then be heard telling the students not to “judge” child abusers who want to rape 5-year-olds:

“We’re gonna call them MAPs, minor attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they wanna have sex with a five-year-old.”

The despicable woke mob has begun to use the term “minor attracted persons” as a means of watering down the stigma attached to the word “pedophile”, presumably in an attempt to lessen the outrage people feel when a child is violated.

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After the TikTok video went viral and El Paso’s School District become aware of Parker’s comments, she was immediately suspended as an “investigation” ensued, after which she was fired:

“After a thorough investigation was conducted, on September 6, 2022, during a Special Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a decision to notify a Franklin High School teacher of proposed termination,” said the School District board of trustees leader, Diana Sayavedra.

“Any allegation of potential misconduct is investigated thoroughly, and the safety of our students is a top priority,” she added.

It is not known how the conversation about pedophiles arose in the classroom, but some students have told the media that it had been part of a class discussion before going on to study The Crucible.

Some of the students, however, said Parker’s words had been taken out of context and claimed that she had been expressing how it was ridiculous how we [society] might not be able to call people pedophiles. 

“That we [society] will probably have to start calling them MAPs because it can be offensive to them [pedophiles]. The class agreed.”

But one of the Board’s trustees told KFoxTV that: Any reasonable person that heard what the seven trustees heard would’ve voted to terminate Amber Parker.”

While Daniel Call had at first thought Parker was simply trying to play ‘devil’s advocate’ with the students, he explained that more had been said that was not featured in the 18-minute clip uploaded to TikTok, adding: “There were more things that the public may not know about that was included on the closed findings.”

Meanwhile, Parker’s husband, Jason wrote a post on Facebook in which he claimed the clips had been “edited” and used to “destroy a 30-year career when taken completely out of context. She is exemplary as a teacher and truly cares about the students. 

“Needless to say we have spent many sleepless nights because of this cruel release to social media of the 18 seconds. 

“We pray that you and the rest of the board will see this for what it is and not allow and edited video destroy an innocent woman, her career and her family in the process.”