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Texas Republicans Resist the Push for More Gun Control in the Wake of Last Week’s Shooting

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Following the shooting in Uvalde, TX last week, Republicans in Texas are prepared again to push back against more gun restrictions. With Joe Biden vowing to strip away the 2nd Amendment with each mass shooting incident, Republicans in that state are working to create distance between this past week’s shooting and gun restriction legislation getting passed.

Within hours of the shooting in Uvalde, Republicans were already working toward measures to protect our 2nd Amendment rights against unconstitutional gun restrictions. Just last year, Governor Abbott passed a law allowing open carry in the state of Texas. 

Still, Democrats will use each mass shooting incident to push gun restriction measures while chipping away at our 2nd Amendment rights.  Tuesday afternoon, following a press conference, Ted Cruz said, “Inevitably when there’s a murder of this kind, you see politicians try to politicize it, you see Democrats and a lot of folks in the media whose immediate solution is to try to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. That doesn’t work. It’s not effective. It doesn’t prevent crime.”

Appearing on Newsmax, Texas Attorney General said that it would be pointless trying to enact stricter gun laws anyway because shooters would find a way around the law to access guns illegally. “I’d much rather have law-abiding citizens armed and trained so that they can respond when something like this happens because it’s not going to be the last time,” Paxton said.

Republicans in Texas are revisiting ideas on legislation that would arm teachers and administrators, as well as placing more uniformed policemen on campuses and limiting entryway access to school buildings. LT. Gov. Dan Patrick told Tucker Carlson of Fox News, “We have to harden these targets so that no one can get in ever except through one entrance. Maybe that would help. Maybe that would stop someone.”

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Meanwhile, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is proposing even more gun laws, further restricting access to firearms in a state that already has some of the harshest restrictions. 

Newsom plans to push through twelve new gun control bills by the end of next week. He pledges to sign these bills into law by the end of next month. Some of his proposed legislation is so radical, that it will enable private citizens to sue gun manufacturers, which is an idea modeled after a Texas abortion law that gives power to individuals — not the government — to sue anyone engaged in helping a woman obtain an abortion, including family members and healthcare workers. 

Addison Smith of One America News slams Democrats calling for more gun control measures, saying that mental illness is the issue that needs to be addressed.  

President Donald Trump had also echoed this sentiment in the past, following the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas in 2019. “We don’t want crazy people owning guns,” the president stated. “It’s them. They pull the trigger. The gun doesn’t pull the trigger. They pull the trigger. So we have to look very seriously at mental illness.”