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Ted Cruz Interrupted by Siri as He Slams Big Tech

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

During a Fox News interview on December 21st, 2021, Ted Cruz was discussing Big Tech. He was being mostly serious when his Apple phone’s host, Siri, interrupted him. The Senator wasn’t really caught off guard and handled the moment like a pro used to taking jabs and swipes from Donald J. Trump. (Seriously, that was probably the best thing for the entire Republican party about Trump stepping into politics, being forced to learn how to take a public lashing and come back stronger).

What did Siri find so offensive about Cruz’s speech that she just had to speak up? Ted Cruz was specifically discussing the greatest threat to our First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech. She angrily retorted “Something went wrong. Please try again.

Check out the video below and listen in. You might as well, Cruz was speaking nothing but truth before his phone so rudely interrupted him but thankfully, he kept on track.

In written form for the video, Fox News reported that, “Cruz, R-Texas, who was among several Republican lawmakers who spoke at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix this week, declared Big Tech “the single greatest threat to free speech” and “free and fair elections in America.”

“Big Tech, they are hard left. They’re not just Democrats. They’re to the left of the Democratic Party. And they’re trying to drive the Democratic Party left,” Cruz told Fox News Digital on Monday. “And, you know, listen, I’m someone who believes in free speech.”

Something went wrong. Please try again,” Siri interrupted from inside Cruz’s jacket pocket.

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“Well, Big Tech is getting mad,” Cruz quipped while holding his iPhone. “Siri just said, ‘Something went wrong. Please try again.’” 

The thing about Ted Cruz is that he has learned a lot from Trump winning the nomination and then later the Presidency. Our Republicans of old couldn’t handle getting dirty with the people slinging mud. They’d claim to take the “high road” but were clearly rattled for the rest of the night. As Cruz points out in his interview, people have a right to disagree with him. They even have the right to call him names and use their 1A freedoms to express it loudly, if they so choose.

But thanks to being mercilessly ribbed by Trump, Cruz’s skin is not only tougher, but he’s now calling people out as well. He’s becoming more outspoken and more defensive of his voters and the men and women he represents. Ted Cruz has also figured out how to defend his voters from those who would declare them all bigoted deplorables who need to be censored for their “extremism”.

Cruz has no choice but to say what we’ve been thinking for years. “…the left doesn’t believe in free in speech anymore.

“When we have hearings, I’ve chaired multiple hearings on Big Tech censorship. Democrats show up, number one, they say it doesn’t happen, that it’s simply not occurring. But number two, to the extent they engage, they lean in and say censor more,” Cruz said. “I think Democrats were furious with Big Tech. ‘How the hell did Donald Trump get elected in 2016? How did you let any conservative speak over Big Tech?’ And the almost uniform message from Democrats is censor more, silence every view we disagree with.” 

I could wax poetic and give you a secondhand account of Cruz’s words or I could just let you read the words for yourself since you might not be able to watch the video.

“So what they call ‘misinformation’ is all of Fox News. That’s misinformation. By the way, Gigi Sohn, who Biden has nominated to the Federal Communications Commission, calls Fox News ‘misinformation,’” Cruz continued, referring to the president’s liberal nominee. “When they say ‘misinformation,’ they mean ‘we don’t agree with it, silence it.’ ‘Extremism.’ What they mean by ‘extremism’ is every Republican in America. That’s what they call ‘extremism.’ You know what? They probably mean Joe Manchin is ‘extremism.’ I mean, they mean everyone except the hard left.”

Speaking of Joe Manchin, Cruz had a couple things to say about him and his blocking of the Biden’s spending bill.

“I think Joe’s decision was the right decision. I think it’s a really big deal,” Cruz told Fox News. “The Build Back Broke Bill was a disaster. It was a train wreck. It was Bernie Sanders’ socialist budget. It was trillions in new spending, trillions in new debt, trillions in new taxes, it would have driven inflation through the roof. We’ve already got inflation exploding across the country. And it was reckless and irresponsible. And you know what, the people of West Virginia don’t want it. Manchin did the right thing. He actually represented the men and women of his state.

“A lot of folks ask, ‘Well, gosh, is Manchin going to become a Republican? I hope he does. I’ve asked him to. I think every Republican senator has made that case a dozen times to Joe,” Cruz said. “I will say, I think it’s a tough hill for him to climb. He’s just culturally, he’s a Democrat. He’s been a Democrat his whole life, and he’s really the godfather of Democrats in West Virginia. So I get why switching parties, that’s hard. That being said, if they’re nasty enough, the best thing that could happen is they could drive him over to the Republican Party, and we would welcome him.”