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Summer Food Prices Through the Roof!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

How was YOUR Memorial Day cookout? Did anyone burn down the backyard? Too many neighbors pop over because they smelled what was wafting from your grill?

The summer cookout is an American tradition, and despite the clown show in the White House, that tradition will continue. Americans simply aren’t willing to eschew such cherished traditions.

So how’s it looking out there? Are those prices starting to decrease, or is inflation still chewing on your wallet like a naughty dog with a slipper?

According to the New York Post:

Americans enjoying their barbecues during the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day weekend likely paid a premium for ground beef and chicken, according to the latest federal data.

Prices for meat rose 0.7% between March and April of this year, the US Department of Agriculture said.

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Ground beef and chicken breasts rose by more than 20% per pound, according to the USDA.

Ouch! That certainly isn’t good news! Twenty percent per pound? Is there a chicken shortage? I see cows everywhere in my state! What gives?

It must be those greedy grocery chains! I mean, that’s what Old Joe and his merry band of idiots would have us believe!

Other barbecue staples like hot dogs, cheese, tomato, and lettuce also got more expensive.

The price of frankfurter meat rose by 14.5%, while packaged hamburger and hot dog buns were 11.2% more expensive.

How could frankfurter meat go up? It’s barely meat!! More expensive buns, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes?

I guess you could grow your own. Nothing tastes as good as a homegrown tomato! However, not everyone has this skill set, and we shouldn’t have to!

Ketchup and mustard have also become more costly. The price of ketchup increased by 15.8% while mustard became 11.2% more expensive, according to federal government data.

Now I’m mad! Mustard? The LEAST EXPENSIVE condiment went up in price? Nice job, Joe!!!

The sky-high prices are a symptom of the record levels of inflation that have weighed on American’s bank accounts in recent months.

As if that isn’t obvious! Everything is more expensive!

I’m not sure where you live, but in my neighborhood, a bag of name-brand tortilla chips is 5.00! I also paid five bucks for a small jar of name-brand ranch dip.

I don’t even like ranch that much!

While it’s easy for me to joke, as my family and I are in a position to be ok while we weather this crap fest of an administration, many families aren’t.

I couldn’t imagine having to choose between putting gas in my car or being able to afford some charcoal, a couple of packs of dogs, and some chips for my summer cookout.

It shouldn’t be this way. The Biden administration blew trillions into an economy that didn’t need it, overheated the economy, and now we all pay the price for all that “free” money.

Meanwhile, Biden blames everyone except for his own failed policies. If I hear “Putin’s price hike” out of Joe’s mouth again, I may roll old-school 1980s rocker style and pitch my television out of a window.

For now, however, I’m going to hunker down, do all I can to cut costs, donate to local food banks when I can, and hope a red wave the likes America has never seen comes through in November.

Happy Summer 2022, everyone!