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Spotify and Apple Music Could Soon Be Overtaken by This Viral App

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An app on probably everyone’s phone by now has registered for a new trademark hinting that they might be releasing a new app that will be for music, and with how popular it has been it might soon be the death of Spotify and Apple Music.

First, it overtook Youtube and replaced Vine. There were ads for it everywhere including Twitter, Instagram and even dying Tumbler. You should all know what I’m referring to, and that’s TikTok. It’s become the topic of many people’s discussion from cool life hacks to legal talks saying that it could be used to let people spy on its users and their dance trends.

It was and still is so successful that you see Youtube and Instagram both trying to release their versions of short videos that can be compared to TikTok.

TikTok’s Parent organization, ByteDance, filed a new trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for “TikTok Music” back in May. As indicated by the filing, the service would help to allow clients to buy, share, play, and download music. It would likewise permit clients to make, share, and suggest playlists, comment on music, as well as live stream both sound and video. That sounds like it could garner quite a bit of attention for the young teens and adults who still think their teens for sure.

One of the things that come to mind when we think of a TikTok app is if would cause Spotify apps like it to try and overhaul or copy the social media giant the same way Instagram and Youtube have done to try and cater to the young teens and their trends.

ByteDance even purposes TikTok to carry existing clients to Resso. As per a report from The Information, the TikTok application in Brazil accompanies a button that diverts clients to Resso so they can pay attention to the full variant of a melody they’re keen on, a move that helps keep clients inside the ByteDance biological system.

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This should go without saying, but with this new app possibly getting ready to come out, parents should be all up in their children’s business if they have access to TikTok or any social media. You can’t control what is on the internet waiting to enter your children’s lives, but you can control what they are into and what they are doing.

The Information likewise reports that Resso had north of 40 million month-to-month clients across India, Brazil, and Indonesia as of November 2021, a number that is probably going to continue to rise.

It’s unclear whether ByteDance anticipates creating new music streaming application given their relation with Resso. It might seem redundant at first but could also lead to more viral downloads equaling more money. Very much how the social media giant changed the way most web-based video destinations work, it’s conceivable that music streaming applications with TikTok ties-ins could change the music industry, most likely causing other apps and music streaming services to change and perhaps overhaul their services to continue competing and being relevant as mentioned before.