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Sports Star In Helicopter Crash Ate By Bears

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Things turned bad to absolutely horrific for several wealthy and notable Russians taking a helicopter ride.

Following the crash of their helicopter in the Russian tundra, a wealthy couple and a pilot who was a former internationally known athlete were eaten by bears after their helicopter had a fiery crash.

Igor Malinovsky, a well-known biathlete from Russia, was the one who piloted the helicopter while business moguls Zoya Kaygorodova and Sergey Kolesnyak were passengers.

According to Newsweek, the communication link between the chopper and ground control was severed on July 16. Rescue workers in Kamchatka, which is a peninsula located in the Russian Far East, found the wreckage of the helicopter the following day.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations stated the bodies of the three people were discovered three hours later near the Semyachkov Pass, which is located barely 13 kilometers from the Uzon volcano.

NTV reported it is thought that wild bears that populate the region dragged away, mutilated, and consumed the bodies of the deceased.

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The number of brown bears per square mile in Kamchatka is among the greatest of any region on the planet. The peninsula was originally home to a large population of bears, but nowadays you can only find them in more remote, rural places. It is thought that between 10,000 and 14,000 bears call the Peninsula, which is about the size of California, home.

In most cases, bears will not actively seek out humans to consume as food. Plants, insects, fish, and occasionally other, more juvenile creatures make up the majority of their diet. Brown bears native to Kamchatka have access to more nutritious food sources, such as fish, pine nuts, and berries. Bears, on the other hand, are opportunistic hunters, which means that they make the most of the opportunities to eat that come their way. For instance, grizzly bears are known to frequently scavenge the remnants of prey that has previously passed away.

The Kamchatka brown bear is one of the largest species of bear found anywhere in the globe. It’s possible for males to achieve a weight of 1,500 pounds. According to what was stated in the Daily Star, the bears may have rummaged through the wreckage of the helicopter in order to reach the passengers.

According to reports, the pair was vacationing in the region and had been adventuring throughout the peninsula. It is not apparent whether the passengers had already died before the predators pulled them away. Bears almost never attack people unless they are provoked or feel threatened in some way.

Euro News, rescue workers who arrived on the spot remarked that the weather was unfavorable for flying. The clouds were relatively low, which indicated that there was a possibility of reduced visibility.

NTV claimed that a criminal inquiry had been opened into the collision and the deaths of the passengers as a result of the crash.

The helicopter that was being flown belonged to a business that was owned by Vladimir Malinovsky, Malinovsky’s father. It was stated in the statement that he had a passion for aviation and biathlon. After a successful career in sports, he decided to pursue a career in aviation in Kamchatka.