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South Park Roasts Harry and Meghan, Duchess ‘Upset and Overwhelmed’ by Portrayal

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South Park, the outrageous animated show on Comedy Central from Matt Stone and Trey Parker has never been afraid of poking fun at societal trends, celebrities and religion among other things. In fact, if it is culturally relevant now, South Park probably took a blow torch to it a decade ago. From the trans fad to Scientology to race issues, South Park shows no mercy, but also accurately reflects what the majority of the sane, grown-up world is thinking. Of course biologic men shouldn’t be competing with women, and biologic males shouldn’t be in the ladies room. Of course Scientology is a weird, make-believe religion. In the latest episode that has set social media on fire, South Park takes aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, otherwise known on the show as the “Prince and Princess of Canada”. The episode hilariously roasts the royal couple, but Meghan isn’t a fan. check this out.

In the least surprising news of the year, Meghan Markle is reportedly upset with how South Park portrayed “her.”

Of course, South Park didn’t actually say it was her in the episode, but it’s pretty clear. In the episode, the Prince and Princess of Canada go on a “World Privacy Tour.” They beg for people to leave them alone. Of course, they do this by going on multiple TV shows.

“Meghan and Harry” enlist the help of a company that creates brands for people. Of course, every one of their brands includes the word “victim.”

Meghan Markle has the role of victim down cold. Despite having an Emmy Award-winning father and a US diplomat uncle that tried to help her get into politics, Markle has claimed that everything from her race to her gender to her good looks has held her back and been used against her. It must be such a rough life being rich and beautiful.

Markle has not commented publicly about the episode, but The Spectator reports that “California sources claim that Meghan has spent the last few days ‘upset and overwhelmed’ about how she was portrayed.”

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Their sources also say that Markle “is annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all.”

The pair are reportedly looking into potential legal action.

It’s pretty hard to sue South Park since they’re doing parody, which affords them some legal protections.

Perhaps Markle should watch the episode and do some research on the show before she decides to play the legal victim card. South Park has been sued by Scientology and survived, so an unflattering parody isn’t going to get them in any trouble. In fact, the best way to move on is to pretend it doesn’t bother her. There is nothing the creators of South Park do better than doubling down and going hard if they know they are getting to someone.

It would be easier to feel bad for Meghan and Harry if the episode wasn’t so damned spot-on. If the Duke and Duchess want to be left alone, perhaps stop being everywhere, all the time? Books, podcasts, it’s hard to turn on the television without having them in your face. Maybe South Park will do us all a favor and make Harry and Meghan crawl under a rock for a bit so we can get a break.