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South Korean Actress Yoo Joo-eun Leaves Behind a Tragic Letter Before Sudden Death

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According to a source, a South Korean actress who was believed to have committed suicide left behind a sorrowful note shortly before her passing in which she apologized to her family and insisted that she had had a “happy life that was more than I deserved.” 

According to NextShark, Yoo Joo-eun passed away on Monday at the age of 27, and her older brother made the sad announcement on her Instagram account on Tuesday, telling her friends and followers that his sister had “left this place and went to a comfortable place.” 

According to reports, Yoo’s brother also disseminated the suicide note left by the late actor, as the family had requested. 

The inner turmoil and pain that Yoo was going through are attempted to be expressed in the message that she left behind, which was found after her untimely death and released to the public.

She wrote that her mind was yelling that it did not want to live anymore and that she had bravely lived her life despite the fact that existence without her might be empty. She also mentioned she would be keeping an eye on everything. Pleading with people not to cry because it’s unhealthy to do so. 

Furthermore, she continued in the letter by stating that she is not in the least bit upset right now. She said that she is feeling confident and at ease. And that she believes the reason for this is because she has been considering it for quite some time now. She was quoted as saying that she had led an extremely happy life, one that she felt was much beyond what she deserved. She stated that it was more than sufficient for her needs. “This is enough.” pleading with her audience to go on living without finding fault with others. 

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According to NextShark’s report, even though the local media indicated suicide as a possible cause of death, the authorities have not established what caused her death. 

According to several reports, Yoo gained the majority of his notoriety after acting in the television dramas “Big Forest” and “Joseon Survival Period.” She considered her job to be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. 

Yoo, who was born in 1995, had her acting debut in the 2018 South Korean drama anthology Big Forest, which was broadcast on the channel tvN. The following year, she was cast as a supporting character in the television series Joseon Survival Period, which is about time travel. 

According to what Yoo’s brother posted on Instagram, the funeral for Yoo took place on the 31st of August. 

I really wanted to act. It was my everything and my purpose. But it wasn’t easy living that life. I didn’t want to do anything else,” she reportedly said.