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Shocking! Woman Shoots Her Husband in His Sleep and Did This After

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A Missouri woman accused of killing her husband vanished while on pre-trial bond. 49-year-old Dawn Renee Wynn had allegedly shot her husband while he slept and penned a suicide note after she was released on bond to escape from authorities.

Dawn has been charged with murder in the shooting death of her husband, Harold Lee Wynn, in Anderson, Missouri, in November 2021. 51-year-old Harold Lee Wynn was reportedly shot in the back of his head on November 16, 2021, while asleep. Dawn was arrested but was let out on bond, awaiting her murder trial.

As part of her bond conditions, she was supposed to stay with her mother in Pea Ridge, Ark. However, she has gone off the radar for several days now. She was also supposed to check in to the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office but failed to do so.

The authorities revealed that Dawn disappeared from the home, leaving behind the note that her daughter, Savannah, described as a “suicide note.” Her daughter had, however, not regarded this note as she claimed Dawn was not a trustworthy person. She also added that her mother was too much of a coward and too selfish to be suicidal. 

Savannah said, “She’s not someone that you need to trust. She’s not just a missing person.” She also added that she believes the note was just a diversion to escape being held responsible for Harold’s death. 

According to the arrest affidavit, Dawn had claimed to be sleeping next to her husband when she suddenly heard a gunshot and something “brushing” her face. She added that she immediately called 911 and reported the shooting.

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However, the authorities did not buy her story, and she was arrested the same day of the murder. She was then charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action, but she had pleaded not guilty to the charges. The police had also found an A .40 caliber pistol between the pillows on the bed.

Her daughter Savannah also said that she did not believe her mother. She testified that Dawn was a very abusive person. Dawn had abused Savannah and her four brothers verbally and psychologically for several years. She claimed Dawn “took over everything” and tried to turn her and her brothers against Harold, their father. 

In addition, Savannah said her parent’s marriage was a disaster, and they were taking steps to get divorced. She concluded by saying, “Some days are harder than others. She took our dad from us.” The authorities have asked for the public’s assistance in finding Dawn in a press release. “Please be on the lookout for Dawn Wynn. She should be considered dangerous and could be armed,” 

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) in Arkansas also added, “she is believed to be headed to NE Oklahoma but has ties in SW Missouri. Dawn has no pending charges in Benton County. She is believed to be of danger to herself.”