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Shocking Video! Not Everyone Made It Out Safe From This Accident

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A story coming out of New York City sees a boat capsizing and the entire crew being thrown overboard. Many rushed to the scene to help, but not everyone made it back out alive.

While some endured wounds and others were shaken – and rightfully so – two individuals died after a leased boat capsized in the Hudson River, according to authorities. Two of the passengers were found in critical condition and a third member was found in critical but sound condition, as per New York City Fire Department break Commissioner Laura Kavanagh.

These three members that were deemed to have been found in critical condition will recover just fine and live to tell their tale. However, two individuals weren’t so lucky.

Among the members who experienced the boat capsizing were two individuals that weren’t able to be promptly found. Things were chaotic as some passengers were panicking, the boat was still sinking, and authorities were frantically scrounging to save all survivors. The pair that was missing though was a young boy, only 7 years old, and his mother who was 50 years old.

The Mayor of New York said in a statement: “our hearts go out to a group of people who were just using the water in our city…This is a devastating moment for them and those who are part of the families that were there.”

This tragic episode occurred around 2:46 p.m. when the New York City Police Department and Fire Department of New York answered calls from the individuals on board of a boat capsizing, and some people drowning. Together with the Coast Guard, they sprang into action. Two people were removed from the water by the Fire Department and the Police Department. One individual had to be taken to the nearby Roosevelt Hospital to be treated as since they were in critical condition, and another individual saved later had to be taken to Lenox Hill Hospital for also being found in critical condition.

The captain of the boat was among those who were found in critical condition, and of the entire crew, eight other members experienced minor wounds, Kavanagh said.

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A Coast Guard official said that it was not immediately clear as to what made the boat capsize, but there was a small warning saying that there were significant waves that were rising at the moment they started to get calls, and when the accident occurred.

The boat sailed off from Weehawken, New Jersey, taking a straight shot right across the river from midtown Manhattan. New York Police Department Assistant Chief James McCarthy said Tuesday that the boat had been rented out by a family and a few friends and that the proprietor had been riding right next to it on a jet ski.

He added that the examination of events and the boat is still in the beginning phases and that things seem muddled as of now, not knowing what caused the boat to capsize.

Starting around Tuesday night, the boat had been retrieved out of the water and was towed further midtown, where authorities are attempting to turn it right side up to investigate.