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Shocking Video! Man Attacks with Knife in a Hospital Leaving Four Victims Wounded

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Four individuals have been severely injured in a stabbing at a Shanghai hospital. Authorities say that before the person who was equipped with a blade was stopped and shot down by officers.

This might be that story you’ve been waiting for to prove to your pals that good guys with guns do make a difference. In the Huangpu region, police said that they got multiple crisis reports at around 11:30 a.m. local time on Saturday that there was an individual on the loose cutting swiping and slashing at people in the Ruijin hospital.

“The police quickly arrived on the scene and discovered a man holding a group of people hostage with a knife on the hospital’s seventh floor, and when the suspect intended to injure the hostages and punish the police, the police decisively fired a shot to injure and subdue him,” according to the assertion.

While individuals can be seen running for their lives and safety in the video below, there were four people known as of now that were stabbed and in bad condition.

Is it going to be time to talk about common knife laws? Every time we see or even hear of a mass shooting, we go straight to gun law talk. This is a perfect example that gun laws don’t change anything except make it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

The true issue at hand is the heart of the people. If someone desires to do evil in this world, they’ll find a way to do it be it with a gun, knife, brick, rock, or even water. Should we ban knives and water too?

The four people who were stabbed are being treated for their wounds and were not in any life-threatening condition. The aggressor’s motives are still unknown at this time. Chinese media distributed recordings showing multiple equipped police officers attempting to break into a secured room in the emergency clinic to get to the attacker.

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Another viral video showed in excess of twelve individuals from the public running out of the structure with great urgency. Mass violent crimes are uncommon in China, which rigorously restricts residents from possessing guns. However, bad assaults happen from time to time.

This crime comes only a few days after the shooting that happened in Japan in broad daylight that saw the end of Shinzo Abe’s life. The thing is – that both China and Japan both have very strict gun laws in place. Japan in particular has harsh gun laws and hardly sees any gun violence, yet we all saw what happened recently.

Last month, a 23-year-old person in the eastern city of Ningbo passed on in the wake of being brutally cut into the city in broad daylight where everyone was able to witness. Video of the assault close to the bus stop went viral as well. As of late, a line of lethal blade attacks focusing on kindergarten and younger school students have happened from one side of the country to the other, all committed by individuals reportedly wishing to unleash retribution on society.

At least the attacker was subdued, and the victims will be fine in due time.