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Sheriff Puts Hilarious signs in the Yards of Drug Houses

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The Sheriff in King’s Mountain, North Carolina, isn’t going along with the “current thing” in regard to crime and fighting it but is rather standing up to the criminals in his community, shutting down the drug houses around town in an attempt to enforce the law and stop criminals from ravaging the community.

But, while that step is already a good bit better than what many supposed law enforcement officials are doing in America, the ones that turn a blind eye to the rampant criminality in their communities so as to avoid accusations of “racism” or some other “ism”, it’s not all the sheriff is doing.

No, he’s also advertising his attacks on drug use in the community and highlighting which houses in the area were the drug houses that he and his deputies had to shut down.

How so? By putting up epic signs in the front yard that say “This drug house closed for business by: Sheriff Alan Norman.”

The sheriff’s department shared a photo of one of those signs on Facebook, posting it with the caption:

*** Drug House Closed for Business! ***

The drug house at 1142 Rollingbrook Ct. in Kings Mountain is officially shut down. Customers are no longer welcome!

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Any unhappy customers or citizens with information about other drug houses should call 704-484-4831

The bait to get “unhappy customers” to call in does not appear to have worked, as the local media reports that “Officials did not provide further details about any arrests in the case.

Regardless, it’s still a funny way of both striking back at lawbreakers within the community while also showing the community that the law enforcement officers in the area both are intent on actually enforcing the law and are looking for community help in their doing so.

While the sign in King’s Mountain was hilarious, the practice of showing off which drug houses the police have shut down doesn’t appear to have started there, as the Western Journal reported on and pointed out.

Rather, the practice appears to have started in Florida. Here are some of those signs that have cropped up over the years, with thanks to the Western Journal for finding the tweets.

“North Port Police Department is now using signs that say “THIS DRUG HOUSE CLOSED FOR BUSINESS” after they make drug arrests.The first sign was placed on Tuesday on Waltrip Street.”

Hahaha this is like a real life darknet market takedown notice 🤣

Florida sheriff’s sign says ‘This drug house is closed for business’ … his product is “closed for business.” The Flagler County Sheriff’s … “This drug house closed for business. By Sheriff Rick Staly,

Sticking it to suspected drug dealers: the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office is using a unique way to put folks who are up to no good on notice. Signs that read “This drug house; Closed for Business” were recently placed at homes while being raided for drugs

Good for them for showing off what criminals they’ve shut down! Now they need to do the same with people associated with Epstein.

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