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Second Suspect in Canada Massacre Commits Suicide

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The second suspects who was arrested following the horrific stabbing spree in Canada has committed suicide whilst in police custody.

Myles Sanderson, 32, reportedly died soon after he was arrested on Wednesday of self-inflicted wounds. After a four-day manhunt for those responsible for the shocking killing spree which left 10 dead, Myles was chased by cops in a highspeed pursuit down a highway and his vehicle was rammed.

His white truck came to a standstill at the side of the road around 30 miles west of Wakaw, and police moved in to detain him.

Medical professionals say Myles’ injuries which led to his death were caused by his own hand, but it’s unclear when he sustained them. CPR was attempted but Myles was pronounced dead upon reaching the hospital:

“This evening our province is breathing a collective sigh of relief as Miles Sanderson is no longer at large,” said Royal Canadian Mounted Police commander, Rhonda Blackmore.

“All life saving measures that we are capable of were taken at that time,” she added.

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Myles’ brother and suspected accomplice in the massacre, Damien, was found dead Monday and cops say that his injuries were unlikely have been self-inflicted, indicating that Myles may have killed his brother.

“It is an investigative avenue that we are following up on, but we can’t say that definitively at this point,” said a police spokesman.

According to ABC, Myles had broken into the home of a frightened woman, armed with a knife, at around 2pm yesterday. He stole some money, cigarettes, a soda and the woman’s white Chevy Avalanche, which police later rammed.

The woman’s son said he had bizarrely asked his mother to go with him and assured her that he would not harm her, but she had refused.

Sunday’s stabbings left 10 butchered to death and a further 18 were injured as the knifeman appeared to randomly target members of the public in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Speaking to CBC News yesterday, Myles’ mother begged her son to turn himself in:

“I want to apologize for my son, my sons.

“We don’t know the whole story, but I want to apologize to everybody that was hurt and affected by this terrible situation.”

Myles had disappeared while out on parole on a five-year sentence for assault, robbery, mischief and making threats and has been wanted by authorities since May.

The two brothers fled the scene of the massacre in a black Nissan Rogue SUV which was seen around 200 miles away.

“This is my brothers’ vehicle that they took when they entered our home this morning in James Smith Cree Nation,” a woman wrote on Facebook.

“We (can’t) care less about the vehicle but let these monsters be caught.”

Now that both suspects in the killings are dead, cops say they may never know the motive behind the horrific event, but Blackmore said that she hopes the families of the victims will “rest easy knowing that Myles Sanderson is no longer a threat to them”.

Public safety minister, Marco Mendicio said that he “wants to know the reasons behind the decision to release him” and that he was extremely concerned with what occurred here. A community has been left reeling.”