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SABO STRIKES AGAIN! Pro-Trump Street Artist Posts MAGA, Anti-FBI Signs Around Hellhole L.A.

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In response to the unprecedented FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, the pro-Trump street artist and renegade disrupter known as Sabo took to the streets of Los Angeles and hung a series of signs around the City of Angels supporting the 45th president and denouncing the now-weaponized Federal Bureau of Investigations.

The signs were positioned in groupings on traffic light posts and telephone wires, and read “F*ck the FBI” and “Trump 2024 MAGA,” two of the artist’s key messages which were displayed on a white background with black lettering and hung in the neighborhoods of Brentwood and West Hollywood. There were five signs in total, however, the two at the intersection of Robertson and Melrose Avenues were removed quickly, Sabo reportedly told Breitbart.

The Stasi-like FBI was granted a warrant by Judge Bruce Reinhart, whose Facebook page is filled with support for woke causes and anti-Trump posts, and proceeded to ransack the estate, take boxes of documents from the residence, break into personal safes, and even entered former First Lady Melania Trump’s closet and rifled through her wardrobe, as reported by Breitbart.

As many pundits and political insiders have pointed out, the questionably legal raid coincides with Trump’s weighing another run for president. He has teased his supporters for months, releasing statements that seem to suggest he will throw his hat in the ring, but stopping short of a full announcement. The political establishment aka The Swamp continues to fear Donald Trump, and this FBI move not only establishes that there exists a two-tier judicial system in this country, but also another attempt to prevent the MAGA King from entering the 2024 race. Sleepy Joe’s poll numbers continue to tank, and it is unclear if he will seek re-election given his old age and enfeebled capacity.

None of this is lost on Sabo, and he has not been shy in confronting hypocrisy or courting controversy in other arenas.

Just earlier this year Sabo hung a series of street art posters calling for the recall of embattled woke, ultra-lefty, pro-crime, Soros-funded L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón (D), and informing the public that crime in the City of Angeles is so high, and restrictions on peace officers so stringent, that those who are supposed to protect and serve us no longer can. The signs appeared during the Super Bowl, which Los Angeles hosted, and boasted Super Bowl and football imagery. At the time Sabo told Breitbart, “L.A. has some nerve holding the Super Bowl in town when it was only a month or two ago LAPD told everyone that they can not protect them from robberies and violent homeless people.”

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And he has not been soft on California Governor Gavin Newsom, calling him an “American Psycho,” in reference to the film of the same name, over his draconian overreach during the coronavirus lockdowns. Sabo plastered posters depicting Newsom as Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman, and as some sort of lizard creature hiding behind a human face, the post entitled “Gruesom.” As with the Pro-Trump and anti-FBI signs, these anti-Gruesome Newsome were also posted in high-traffic areas of L.A.