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Run for the Border? Three Hundred Dollar’s Worth of Taco Bell Says Yes!

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What’s better than a late-night run through everyone’s favorite Mexican joint, Taco Bell?

Ok, lots of things to be honest, but after having beverages or hanging out late partying, a Mexican Pizza and a couple of soft tacos really hit the spot.

Don’t @ me on this, but the hard shells are trash. Ever try to eat a hard-shell taco while driving? You will be stain treating your shirt and vacuuming your car for days. They literally explode.

Nope, a nice soft, steamy warm flour shell is the way to go. Maybe a side of pintos and cheese. Some guac maybe?

I’m getting a jones for the Bell myself right now, but in moderation! No need to spend three hundred bucks.

Recently one inconsiderate Mexican food aficionado destroyed the late-night taco Bell drive thru, among other things probably, with a three-hundred-dollar order! Let’s hit up Outkick and get the tasty details:

A recent late night trip to Taco Bell cost a customer almost $300 and backed up the drive-thru for at least 40 minutes. An upset customer behind the massive order documented it all for social media.

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In defense of the customer that placed the order, if there is a defense, the restaurant never should have taken the order. I worked for years in the service industry, and an order of this size should be called in in advance, purchased inside, or if the lobby is closed, just flatly denied.

Holding people in a Taco Bell line for 40 minutes is not only inexcusable, but dangerous. It’s as if whoever placed the order has never been on the internet. Social media is littered with unhinged Karens that want their nuggets NOW, or people that will throw hands, or worse, pop shots over cold fries.

Just not worth it!

TikToker @emily._.stott posted a video of the $241.29 Taco Bell order which was placed around 11:30 p.m. She also showed a line of customers in the drive-thru behind her.

In the comment section she says it took 40 minutes for her to finally get her food. Her comment reads, “40 mins I was in line and after I yelled the person who ordered all that s*** looked embarrassed AF and used her hand to cover her face. 40 MIN.”

Well, embarrassed should only begin to describe what that inconsiderate customer was feeling. Most Taco Bell drive thru’s are enclosed so customers can’t pull out after placing their orders, so people were just stuck there.

In defense of the customer once again, the Bell is also guilty of not parking the giant order and bringing it out. That’s standard practice in the fast-food industry.

Either way, a bad Yelp review would be inevitable, and knowing how petty I am, I would pull straight out if I had waited behind someone that long. I’ve done it before. Once I get to the window, just a simple “nope, not getting my money today”, and peace out. Sounds stupid I know to wait that long and leave, but sometimes you have to die on that hill!

Mistakes were made by the Bell and the customer. Hopefully whoever placed the gigantic order had enough rolls of Charmin on hand for the inevitable aftermath of late-night Taco Bell.