Robert Durst Found Guilty Of Murdering Best Friend

Over the past four decades, Robert Durst has been surrounded by mysterious disappearances and murders. His wife Kathie Durst disappeared in 1982 from her New York home. Then in the year 200o his best friend Susan Berman was found dead from a “point-blank” gun shot in Los Angeles. Three years later, Norman Black died after fighting over a gun with Robert Durst in Galveston, Texas. Robert Durst was acquitted of the murder, though he did confess to “chopping” Black up and dumping his remains into the gulf of Mexico.

Fox News reports that on Sept. 17th, 2021 a jury in LA County found the now 78 year old millionaire guilty of killing Susan Berman. The Defense did all they could to paint Durst as a sickly, frail, old man in need of medical care rather than a prison cell. But, the prosecution argued, that shouldn’t matter when the two women and the man he killed died before they were able to live long enough to need the kind of care and compassion the defense wanted for Durst.

He’s up here, he’s old and he’s sick. He got to live to be old,” the prosecutor said. “Kathie never made it to 30. Susan Berman, his close friend, horribly executed. Morris Black murdered and then dismembered. … He’s lucky to have gotten to live to be 78 to have the health issues he does. Because his victims and their families don’t have that same peace of mind.”

Prosecution also argued that Durst was cold, narcissistic, and a liar. When giving his testimony at one point during the trial, Durst admitted outright that while he claimed his innocence in the murders of the two women, he’d definitely lie about his guilt, even under oath, if he had.  This looked especially bad if you take into account the HBO documentary from 2015 called Jinx wherein Durst is believed to have said during a hot mic “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.” 

It was the 2015 Jinx that helped investigators reopen the cases against Durst.

A hearing for his sentencing is scheduled to take place on Oct 18th, 2021.