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Rob Schneider Recounts the Night Saturday Night Live Died

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One way to determine someone’s age is to ask them about Saturday Night Live, if they ever thought it was funny they are probably a Gen Xer.  If the person thinks SNL is still funny, forget age, you have a progressive liberal on your hands–Run!  Of course, you have the GOATS from the early 1980s like Jim Belushi, Chevy Chase, and Gilda Radner, then pop into the 90’s era with “Delta, Delta, Delta, can I help ya, help ya, help ya?” and the Adam Sandler era.   Yeah, pretty funny stuff.  But that was yesteryear and somewhere along the way SNL lost its luster and just became another self-described “edgy” propaganda outlet for liberal balderdash.

For me, the final nail in the SNL not-funny coffin was during the 2008 Presidential primary season, when they spoofed Hillary and Obama debate.  SNL basically trolled America, telling their audience how the mainstream media had already decided Obama would get the nomination.   It was funny, and Schneider recounts how a conservative wrote it, but it was sadly true, and the Obama favoritism only got worse.

One of the SNL funny ones, Rob Schneider, recently sat down with Glen Beck and talked about when Schneider knew SNL was done for and what it’s like risking Hollywood cancel culture to speak to conservative beliefs.   The website Citizen Free Press drew attention to the interview for those that don’t regularly watch Beck or follow him on Twitter, by posting a couple of Beck tweets highlighting the interview.  One tweet teases about when Schneider knew SNL was “over,” during a cold open that was preachy with no joke.

Schneider also addressed the dangers of speaking out in his line of work, stating “I DON’T CARE about my career anymore. I care about my children and the country they’re going to live in.”  Schneider recounted how he started speaking out against the liberal insanity about 10 years ago and said today’s situation started with the gay-rights movement, which he was not against.  He supported gays’ right to marriage, quipping if they wanted to be as miserable as him why not?  But, Schneider contended, the gays left the door open after that and all the crazies got in, which is why we ended up with the situation we’re in today where you are likely to get labeled as a “hater” if you don’t claim men can menstruate, get pregnant, and kids have the right to secretly (from parents) change their gender.

The interview covered a broad range of subjects and was really an interesting chat.  Schneider pointed out the hypocrisy of “green energy”, the production of which causes more damage to the environment than traditional methods. and is only sustainable because the industry gets so much money from the government–anyone remember Obama’s Solyndra grift?  Scheider spoke about how he has to give warnings for his stand-up bit now, but those stuck in echo chambers get offended and walk out, he also thinks George Carlin would be having a field day in comedy if he was still around.  Schneider also hit on how the Nazis took power in the 30s was gradual, starting with laws that simply separated “others” or “undesirables” from the rest of society, but once that was acceptable they could just kill them.

The full interview can be seen here:

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