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Rise in US Disability Cases Linked to Vaccine Rollout

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There is currently new data that shows a spike in disability rates among US adults, which also coincides with the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. This data is raising more and more questions about the reported adverse effects linked to the Covid vaccines. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis data, the number of Americans with disabilities suddenly increased last year from 30 million to 32.7 million people.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve data also shows that disability claims remained steady between 2016 and 2020. The alarming rise in disabilities began in early 2021, just as Americans were mandated to take experimental vaccines for COVID-19. The report also shows more than 14,000 Americans reported being permanently disabled after receiving COVID shots.

In the meantime, some medical professionals are questioning the vaccine’s exact side effects and how they are linked to the rollout of the vaccine. Some of these side effects have included death in young adults, while many others are suffering debilitating side effects like Bells Palsy. Yet, there remains a stigma against the unvaccinated. A 6-month-old baby, for example, was denied a heart transplant at Vanderbilt University Hospital because the baby was unvaccinated. Thankfully, August Stoll was finally approved to receive the life-saving surgery. And yet, none of this makes any sense because the vaccines are still being used under emergency use authorization. “Normally, doctors in the business are trying to protect children … but it looked like [the doctor in this case] might’ve been playing some kind of COVID politics with this,” said Bioethicist, theologian, and “Losing Our Dignity” author Charlie Camosy during an interview on Fox News.

Meanwhile, the disability claims against the vaccine manufacturers are just starting to roll out, and the road ahead for these plaintiffs is a bumpy one rife with complications. One example of many to surely follow is that of Cody Flint. Cody use to work as a crop duster in Mississippi. Flint, 34, had submitted hundreds of pages of supporting material, including reports from four doctors who attributed his episodes of vertigo, headaches, and partial loss of hearing and eyesight to a rare side effect of the Pfizer vaccine. All side effects that have essentially ended his career as a crop duster. 

Another example is that of Katherine Zerby, a teacher in Minnesota. After she was vaccinated on Feb. 16, 2021, she developed long-term symptoms, which included tinnitus, dizziness, and atrial fibrillation.

Zerby, who is fifty-nine years old, said two doctors blamed the vaccine for her ailments. 

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Michelle Zimmerman is a 38-year-old educator with a Ph.D. in learning sciences and human development. She was determined to use her prior experience as a neuroscience researcher to convince that the COVID-19 vaccine caused her problems with cognition, vision, and speech. “I thought if anyone can get through this, I will, that I could be a resource for other people,” said Zimmerman, who remains on full disability from her job as executive director of a private school in the Seattle area. “It sounds so naive now.”

 All vaccine injury claims need to go through the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). Sadly, they have denied roughly around 90% of claims since 2010. For those unlucky enough to have suffered adversely from the Covid-19 vaccines compensation may be a slippery slope…for now. 

Michelle Zimmerman is a 38-year-old educator with a Ph.D. in learning sciences and human development. She was determined to use her prior experience as a neuroscience researcher to convince the CICP that the COVID-19 vaccine was responsible for the problems she developed with cognition, vision, and speech.

Currently, The CICP is the only option under current law for people seeking damages for COVID-19 vaccine-related injuries. But with the number of people claiming injury from these experimental jabs rises, hopefully, there will be other options in the not-so-distant future for people who were unfortunately duped — either through mandates or false data — into receiving these jabs which have left many with permanent and debilitating side effects.