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Ridiculous! Media Accuses Little League World Series Kids of Being Racists!

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When is the mainstream media finally going to learn?

First, they got spanked by Nick Sandman, the infamous Covington Catholic kid accused (wrongly) of being a racist toward a Native American in Washington DC, then they castigated Kyle Rittenhouse, labeling him a racist and murderer before ANY of the facts were gathered, and multiple outlets are likely going to write fat checks for that.

How many times? Wait for the facts. In this age of clicks, likes, and shares, getting the story out first is more important than whether or not it’s even true.

Well, they are back at it again, except this time they are villainizing a bunch of pre-teen boys.

The Little League World Series is currently taking place, and the media coverage and pressure on these kids is insane.

It’s hard enough being a kid, never mind the enormous pressure from being on ESPN and all over Sportscenter.

So, what does the media do? They take some good-natured horseplay and turn it into Jim Crow era racism. Cool, good job guys!!

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Let’s swing over to Outkick for the details:

A team at the Little League World Series decided to rip the stuffing out of toys they were given and put it on top of a player’s head. The player happened to be black. The media immediately accused the team of pre-teens of being racists.

I should literally be able to stop right here. Why would these kids be racist to their teammate and friend? These kids spend months together to build the cohesiveness and teamwork it takes to succeed at this level, so you expect me to believe they are just randomly being racist to the black kid? Has it occurred to anyone that if this was truly the case, it would’ve been noticed and addressed BEFORE the entire country was watching?

Little League International officials reviewed the video and released a statement saying it “understands the actions could be perceived as racially insensitive.” The officials also spoke with the player’s mother and the coaches, who “assured us that there was no ill-intent behind the action.”

The actions could be perceived as racially insensitive if someone were LOOKING for something racially insensitive.

I coached for over a decade, and I saw my fair share of kids ripping on each other, black and white. Had I heard or seen anything racial, it would’ve been handled instantly.

To imply that these coaches and kids fostered and allowed racism is just disgusting.

As always, if the media or Twitter blue checks would take five minutes to research, they would see they are wrong. But hey, that’s five extra minute they could be further spreading racial division! Gotta prioritize!

It wasn’t just the black player with cotton on top of his head, his teammates were doing the same, and it wasn’t just some random act. The kids were tipping their caps to Jaron Lancaster, a pitcher for Hawaii who is sporting a blonde mohawk at the LLWS. Lancaster is a dominant pitcher, so the kids were simply copying his hairstyle because they want to be like him.

You had the Huffington Post unsurprisingly title its piece about the video ‘Black Player Covered In Cotton By White Teammates At Little League World Series.’ The Daily Mail followed suit titling its article ‘Black Little League player’s hair is filled with cotton by teammates.’

Folks, we have to be careful of the media we consume. We have to understand the motive behind every story, especially from outlets like The Huff Post and Daily Mail.

These outlets aren’t news. They are no different than the National Enquirer, or the Star from back in the day.

They only exist to push a leftist narrative and further divide our country, often at the expense of innocent people. None more innocent than a bunch of boys just wanting to horse around and play baseball.

Remember stuff like this, because the next Nick Sandman might be sitting in one of those dugouts.