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Retired BBC Producer Receives No Jail Time For 832 Indecent Images of Children, Judge Blames COVID

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A 76–year-old former BBC Producer was caught with 832 indecent images of children on his hard drive and other electronic devices. Victor Melleney, 76, a retired producer for BBC News, was found guilty by a British court for having hundreds of pictures of indecent photos of children in his possession.

However, he’s not facing any jail time after a judge decided that “prison would be too challenging” for Melleney’s health during the midst of a pandemic. Judge Simon Brian originally sentenced Melleney to 20 months in prison, but suspended the sentence after Melleney had a heart attack.

According to the Post Millennial, Judge Brian was quoted saying:

“You are 76-years-old, of poor health due to a heart condition. You had a heart attack and were intensive care for a period,” the judge said. “A prison sentence would be particularly challenging. I must bear in mind the Covid-19 pandemic and the prison conditions of what would be a relatively short custodial term.”

His new sentence is a slap on the wrist. Melleney’s new sentence makes the disgraced producer check-in at a rehabilitation center for 40 days and be a registered sex offender for 10 years. Melleney had some sickening file names on his computer that were downloaded through a program called Vuze. The Daily Mail reported more exclusive details on Melleney’s devilish addiction.

Vuze had been installed on a Mac Pro desktop as well as a MacBook laptop and across both devices contained file names ‘indicative of child sexual abuse exploitation’.

An officer searched for the term ‘PTHC’, which stands for ‘pre-teen hard core’, and found more than 40 items. Other file names were read out in court: ‘Preteen young’, ‘underage sex’, ‘pedo’.

The prosecutor also named search terms found in Melleney’s Vuze history: ’11yo PTHC’, ‘PTHC’ and ‘pre-teen’.

The new sentencing is an insult to all of the children who were violated by Melleney. BBC earlier in the week faced more controversy after a statue made by a pedophile in front of their headquarters was defaced. Outside of BBC’s headquarters is a statue that depicts a young boy naked with his genitalia showing. The artist of the statue was Eric Gill, one of the most notable British artists in the 20th century.

However, Gill’s reputation as an artist was severely overshadowed by his pedophile behavior and, according to his own diary, he sexually abused his young daughter and his own dog too. Instead of ripping the statue to shreds to separate itself from a pedophile, BBC has protected the statue in front of its headquarters.

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One man was sick of seeing the statue, and climbed up on BBC’s headquarters by a ladder and started to chip away at the statue. The man used a hammer and screamed “pedophile” while smashing the statue. Police were called to the scene and the man was arrested.

The man that attempted to destroy the statue will more than likely face more jail time than Melleney who actually download indecent photos of children, whereas the man was trying to prevent the pedophile’s statue from being showcased.