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Research and Legal Scrutiny Cause Schools to Abandon Mask Mandates

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It may take until a day after the 2022 midterm elections in blue states, but the insane mask advocates should be getting the bad news soon since they are rather informationally challenged.  Their days of virtue signaling and Karen-ing may be coming to an end… finally.  The question is, will their cognitive dissonance allow them to accept what has always been reality, that masks have never worked?  Not in 1918 during the Spanish Flu, and not today during the China Virus.

It will surely be a blow, and surely many in the health and education sectors will have a problem giving their masks up.  Let’s face it, the front office people of health centers and schools, the school administrators, and so many teachers have spent the last two years pretending to “lead by example” by illogically and uncritically donning masks, and forcing others to do so, simply because their TV told them to… it is going to be a shock.

As reported by Just The News, as continuing research proves the ineffectiveness and harm of constant mask-wearing, and the population is fighting back with lawsuits, schools and public officials are going to have a harder time with mask mandates for this election.

As of now, “Only seven of the 500 largest school districts (1.4%) are requiring masks as of Aug. 5, according to Burbio’s school mask policy tracker, compared to 369 (73.8%) in October 2021. Mask-optional districts didn’t become a majority until March.”

Los Angeles County had recently tried to mask their residents back up but had to backtrack when their health official was caught maskless at a baseball game the next day.  In addition, several major cities in the county balked and officially stated that they would not comply.

The public health official in Rhode Island, James McDonald, deposed last month for a lawsuit against his mask mandates, showed that he was not even familiar with research on the detrimental effects of masks and instead simply created his mandate from the “CDC guidance”.


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One study cited by the report was one conducted by Yale in Bangladesh which found that masks “ had an “imprecise zero” effect on symptomatic infection.”

Another study was conducted by Tracy Beth Hoeg, who has been both a “consultant epidemiologist to Florida’s Department of Health” and a resident physician for UC Davis in California.  Hoeg’s study, which took place in Wisconsin in 2021 and was published in the CDC journal, showed that there were lower infection rates in the school district that did not mandate masks as compared to districts that forced children to wear masks.

Hoeg replicated her study this past May and published it in The Lancet medical journal.  The study utilized a larger sample and found “no significant relationship between mask mandates and case rates [even when] using regression methods to control for differences across districts.  Schools with mask mandates are likely to be systematically different from those that do not in multiple, often unobserved, ways.” 

A peer-reviewed study by Beny Spira, a Universidade de São Paulo microbiologist, published in the journal Cureus  in April “found that among 35 European countries, those with “high levels of mask compliance did not perform better than those with low mask usage.

Last month a study was published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports that “quantified and identified bacteria and fungi attached to the masks of 109 volunteers, finding more bacteria on the “face-side” and “significantly increased” fungi on masks worn longer. The microbiologists from Japan’s Kindai University found “several pathogenic microbes,” warning immunocompromised people to “avoid repeated use of masks.”

The Brownstone Institute has a very detailed compilation of over 150 studies on masks, many of them peer-reviewed.

Twitter and Facebook and big tech continue to censor those that would speak the truth.  For instance, simply search “mask studies” on google and your results will be CDC and its sycophants still trying to convince you to don your mask.  Try the same search on the new search engine however, and the Brownstone Institute is in the top hits.