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Release the Hounds! BLM Grifter King Swears Revenge After Being Dogged by the Free Beacon

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Can’t a fella just get a new dog? I mean, you can always go down to the shelter and rescue a pit bull mix. Heaven knows there are always twenty or so pit mixes at the shelter. Apparently, pits are getting all the action in the dog world. And poodles. There’s a doodle in every other household.

Ok, so maybe your tastes are a little more refined? Maybe you don’t want a dog that someone else had to give up. A “used” dog. Whatever, I’m not here to judge. Go to a breeder if that’s what you are into. I wouldn’t, simply because of the INSANE price for a purebred dog. Give me a pit mixed with a yorkie mixed with a basset hound any day. That would be a weird looking pooch!

Well, apparently that wasn’t good enough for our favorite BLM scammer Shaun King. You know King, right? The guy who many claim is actually a white guy, pretending to be black and causing all kinds of racial upheaval, all the while laughing his way to the bank? Yea, that guy. He’s a real treat.

Well, in the wake of King getting busted by the Washington Free Beacon, among others for spending 40 large on a guard dog for his house, that’s 40 grand from his PAC btw; that money was donated, it didn’t come out of his pocket, King is vowing revenge on the outlets. Is he going to sic his dog on them? Is he going to dog them on social media? How ruff will he be on them? Let’s check the Free Beacon and see if King’s bark is worse than his bite:

There’s an old saying: A hit dog will holler.

That’s what progressive grifter Shaun King appears to be doing following a Washington Free Beacon report that he used tens of thousands of dollars of donor money from his social justice PAC to buy a purebred dog. King defended the purchase in social media posts and vowed to “return the pain back to those that have hurt my family.”

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My, that sounds vaguely threatening! Isn’t it illegal to threaten people on social media? Oh wait, if you are a far left nutjob like King, that’s just a day’s pay.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that King looks like the whitest guy on the block in that picture. A “Boy’s in the Hood” shirt? I guess Shaun just left “Hot Topic”.

King misappropriated funds donated to his PAC in good faith by buying a 40k DOG! Unless the dog comes with an envelope with 39,900 dollars in it, it’s a bad deal!

The former Bernie Sanders surrogate embarked on his vengeance tour after the Free Beacon reported on Monday that Grassroots Law PAC, which King founded in 2019 to “elect candidates who are committed to reducing mass incarceration and police violence,” paid $40,650 to a California dog breeder called Potrero Performance Dogs. King said this week he bought Marz for protection “because literal white supremacists have been coming to our home.”

Maybe those “literal white supremist” were just passing through the neighborhood, because I’m quite certain King lives in a mostly white neighborhood. After all, he just might be a sneaky white dude.

King also has the option to call the police if he feels threatened at home. Oh, my bad, too soon? That’s right, King is all for defunding the police. Bad timing there Fido!

There is no indication that the PAC’s payment is illegal, but it does raise questions about whether King’s organization is using its money as donors intended. “This luxury dog expense may not be illegal for a PAC, but it shows little respect for King’s donors,” said Scott Walter, the president of Capital Research Center. The PAC’s payments to Potrero are among its largest expenditures. The PAC has contributed roughly $60,000 to political candidates since 2021.

King said that Grassroots Law PAC, which “covers all of [his] security costs,” approved the Marz purchase. He said the expenditure was an “affordable” option compared to round-the-clock human security guards.

Who would these around the clock security people be? Retired or off duty police officers perhaps? Hypocrite much?

The alternative is King could settle down with the threats, the saber rattling, the race baiting and the inflammatory rhetoric all designed to make him cash.

Nah, maybe just buy a dog.