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Real Drake “Ducking” Fake Drake for Million-Dollar Fight?

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There’s a lot going on in the world folks. It’s a scary, dark place sometimes, even for sane, hardworking folks like us.

With all the acrimony over J6, prices at the pump, a country spiraling into an economic abyss with no end in sight, it sure would be good to have a palate cleanse, wouldn’t it? Something lighthearted that we could all laugh at and feel good about.

Well, this probably isn’t it, but my goodness the entertainment value that’s possible? What am I talking about? Check this out from Outkick:

A guy by the name of Izzy, who goes by “Fake Drake”, is challenging the real Drake to a celebrity boxing match for $1 million and a promised to quit the impersonations shall he lose. If he wins, he also wants a deal with Drake’s record label “OVO”.

Oh hell yes! Can I call my cable company now and purchase the pay per view? I need to lock it down before gas gets so high, I can’t afford it later.

Of course, I am assuming everyone knows who Drake is. He is the biggest rapper in history and a former Disney star, so the prospect of him getting his butt kicked by a look alike grifter named Izzy almost has me in tears of joy.

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Fake Drake spoke on the “We In Miami” podcast where he spoke on the proposed showdown.

“I’m challenging Drake to a boxing match. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing. If you win, I’ll change my name from Izzy Drake to just Izzy, you know,” he said.

Damon Feldman, of Celebrity Boxing, confirmed with TMZ the bozo signed with them Wednesday and has booked a fight for August 27.

Sounds like a good deal to me! Leave it to the fine folks at Celebrity Boxing to make this happen. Though only one Drake is really a celebrity, ducks usually fly in pairs anyway, right?

Apparently, Drake knows all about the impersonations and doesn’t have a problem with it, sighting the fact “it doesn’t affect” him. A solid point, for sure, and the reality here is that Drake isn’t the proper messenger to tell the guy it’s weird. This is where parents come into play and break the news that it’s bizarre to walk into Florida clubs with direct intention to be confused with someone else. We probably shouldn’t feel too appalled when half the country’s youth emulates the Kardashian family free of charge. At least this guy is building a following and making money off this? It’s an OnlyFans, except his clothes are on.

Well shoot. I knew this was too good to be true. Real Drake is too rich to care that fake Drake is out there playing off his name. To be honest, if there was a fake version of me out there meeting girls that thought they were me, well, I’d want to meet them too, so maybe I’d fight fake me. Would people pay to see that?

It’s a weird time right now folks. A weird country with weird celebrities. Even universally loved ones like Drake. Personally, we need this to happen. America needs to see two Drake’s duking it out, confusing the hell out of the audience.

Come on Drake, don’t DUCK this challenge!