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Rambo Coming Off the Big Screen and Heading to Reality TV!

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Sylvester Stallone is one of the most bankable action heroes, and he is one of the few actors who has ever had a movie that was the most popular at the box office for six decades in a row.

The 76-year-old actor, who was nominated for an Academy Award, did say that he had a few regrets in his life. One of them was that he turned down a $34 million offer to star in another “Rambo” movie in the 1980s.

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Stallone how much he was paid for one of his many roles, he proudly said that he would not make another “Rambo” movie, even if it paid him millions of dollars.

I turned down 34,” he said of the huge amount of money he turned down when he was young. “We were doing ‘Rambo III.’ We thought it was going to be the biggest hit — this was before it came out. And I was paid a fortune for it. Then they go, ‘We want “Rambo IV.” Here it is: Pay or play, 34.’ I go, ‘Let’s not jump the gun here …’”

And that’s in 1980 dollars,” Stallone said. THR thought that $34 million would be worth about $85 million now because of inflation. “For real. That’s not a joke. Oh boy, what an idiot. Now I think about that and … wow.”

In a total of five movies, Stallone played the role of John James Rambo, a former soldier. Due to his time in the Vietnam War, the main character had post-traumatic stress disorder, which made him prone to violent outbursts and an expert at surviving in the wild.

Stallone was optimistic about the future when he heard that a new “Rambo” movie was in the works. “I think it’s going to happen,” he stated. “I wanted to do it like a Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam, where you drop young Rambo in there, and he’s this outgoing guy, football captain, and then you see why he becomes Rambo. But what they want to do is a modern-day story where I pass the torch. That’s getting close.”

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Stallone’s success was made harder by the fact that he had to deal with failed projects and less-than-perfect pursuits.

I felt as though I wasted a lot of time. Now I realize there are only so many bullets left in the gun. Very few,” he stated. “When you’re young, you’re just haphazardly shooting wildly and hope you hit something. Now you don’t have the luxury of missing – especially with the family and the kids. I find that to be my biggest regret.”

He continued, “Everyone goes, ‘I wish I’d shown love more’ or ‘I wish I’d spent more time with the kids.’ I’m riding that boat. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do the reality show that I’ve been taking a lot of s–t for.”

Jennifer Flavin, Stallone’s wife, filed for a divorce on August 19 in Palm Beach County. They had been married for 25 years. In a statement sent to Fox News Digital at the time, Stallone said, “I love my family. We are amicably and privately addressing these personal issues.”


Scarlet, Sofia, and Sistine are their three daughters. He was married to Brigitte Nielsen from 1985 to 1987, and they had two sons, Seargeoh and Sage, together. Sage died at the age of 36 from heart disease.

Even though they were thinking about getting a divorce, the couple got back together a few weeks after a Florida judge signed an order stopping the proceedings. He said that the rough time in his relationship will be shown on the new reality show he is making with his family.

Stallon said, “I thought it would be the ultimate home movie. This is a chance where I’m going to be with my kids under a work condition where they get to see me in action and I get to see them in action. What you will see is the real truth. This is a great opportunity. I don’t look at it as stooping to conquer. But each time you go in a different direction, people go, ‘Oh God, you must be in trouble.’ Just the opposite.”

His friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger is another strong part of his life. Arnold is “very wise,” according to Sly, and he loves to talk about “philosophies.”

It’s good to talk to a man who actually has put his money where his mouth is, and he’s achieved that,” he mentioned. “Then we start goofing around and being crazy — just laughing at the old times. I told him: ‘We are the last two tyrannosaurus.’ We’re the last two meat eaters and there’s not much beef left out there. So we better enjoy each other.”