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Rah, Rah, Sis BOOM Bah! Drama at Texas Cheer Camp!

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Cheerleaders are serious athletes. There, I said it. I’m not a big fan of women’s sports for the most part, but the stuff these high school and college cheerleaders pull off is just insane.

The balance, the core strength, the hand eye coordination, the ability to be interested in a sport or game you likely know little about, all very impressive stuff!

There are male cheerleaders too, of course. I’m not sure if they are men who couldn’t or didn’t want to play a sport, or found cheerleading as a good way to get college paid for, or simply sly dudes that like to hang out with the hot cheerleaders.

Sometimes they are male cheerleaders pretending to be women! Yep, here we go again. From the locker room and playing field to the sidelines. Let’s check with Outkick for the details:

A formerly male cheerleader was recently given a criminal citation and kicked out of a cheerleading camp after allegedly attacking a female teammate.

The transgender cheerleader, who now goes by Averie Chanel Medlock, was accused of choking another camper after remarks concerning gender identity.

The incident took place at Ranger College, a community college in Texas, with Medlock claiming to have experienced an ”incident of transphobia and racism” that led to the alleged attack.

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You know, they will let trans people compete with the women now, so why not just play a sport and let the girls have the pom poms?

Obviously there is no issue with a trans cheerleader cheering along with the biological women, except of course the locker room and physical aspect like tosses, and lifts. Some girls might not be comfortable with a dude pretending to be a girl lifting and touching them. That’s just my assumption, I could be wrong. It happens.

“Well guys I’m officially retired as a cheerleader as of last night at 5:30 AM. A girl on the team was being very disrespectful and told me I am a MAN with a PENIS and that [guys] should not be on the team,” Medlock wrote, “I stood up for myself and she called her mom and dad because she was scared because I [stood] up for myself. Her father said ‘she still has testosterone and a penis and I will kill anyone who comes after my daughter.’”

That sounds like just an attack and an irrational response from the girl and her father. Of course, as usual we don’t get ALL of the story, because why tell the whole story if you are trying to push your narrative?

Obviously something must have precipitated the conflict.

The father of the female cheerleader defended his actions, saying that his reactions were based on his daughter’s assertions that she’d been attacked and choked:

“At no time did I ever say anything about your race or your gender.”

“I ask you what you would have done when receiving a phone call at 1 o’clock in the morning from your daughter stating they had locked themselves in the room with other girls.”

Here we go. There’s always another side, and usually the truth is in the middle. Rarely do people just go off and act all transphobic and racist. Despite what the mainstream media tells us, normal people largely don’t act like racists, transphobes and bigots.

There are ALWAYS underlying aspects to every story like this.

The father also said he’s pushing for body cam footage from the police to be released, as well as closed circuit video recordings from the college, claiming both will show he and his daughter are telling the truth.

Regardless of what went down and who is right and wrong here, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lia Thomas opened this can of worms (pun intended), but the women involved are pushing back. Swimmer Riley Gaines, the young lady objecting in this case, tennis legends like Martina Navratilova, and more WILL speak out as biological men continue to steal opportunities from hard working, deserving women.