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VIDEO: Post-Apocalyptic Wildfires Sweeps Across Europe as the Continent Sizzles in Record=Breaking Heatwave

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Europe is sizzling in a record-breaking heatwave that has given way to untamable wildfires across the continent.

Tourist have been warned to avoid affected countries as homes, businesses, luxury villas and swathes of crops are destroyed.

In Spain, over 1000 people have been evacuated from the popular coastal tourist resort of Malaga as blazes sweep across nearby villages.

Temperatures in many parts of the country have toppled 104F and are expected to remain the same for the next week.

When it gets to the eucalyptus it’s like an explosion,” said an elderly resident of the Spanish village of Gesteira as he watched the flames licking the surrounding countryside.

Eucalyptus is a common plant in the Spanish countryside and is known to be highly flammable.

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Thousands were forced to evacuate in the French seaside town, Aracachon which draws in holidaymakers from all around the world, particularly in the summer.

The blistering 82F heat and excessively dry conditions have struck up two major infernos in the woodland surrounding the town which are being made all the more deadly and unpredictable by strong mistral winds.

Over 1000 firefighters are attempting to tame the blazes which are showing no signs of cooling thus far. Helicopters and aircraft – some of which were supposed to have been on display for the French Bastille Day parades, have been flying over the forests dropping water-bombs.

So far, the infernos have destroyed 7,300 hectares of French woodland – 2000 of which burnt in the last day. Fires also broke out just North of Paris.

“I’ve never seen it and it really feels like it’s post-apocalyptic, it’s falling everywhere, on cars, it’s worrying,” said local resident Karyn told Le Figaro.

Meanwhile, several hundred firefighters are currently struggling to extinguish two more wildfires in the Bordeaux region of Southwest France, which have destroyed 7000 hectares of countryside.

The situation is so dangerous, authorities have evacuated around 1000 people for that area alone.

The Red Cross has set up temporary refuge camps in the areas affected until firefighters are finally able to declare their homes safe to return to – although none of them yet know if their homes will still be standing when they return.

While the Portuguese are no strangers to hot weather, Portugal registered a temperature record for July, as the mercury hit 117F in Alijo yesterday, the hottest it’s been in 27 years.

The heatwave has given way to wildfires across Portugal as the country bakes in the longest period of excessive heat its seen in 50 years.

Meanwhile, authorities in the United Kingdom have warned of severely hot weather next week, as the UK Met Office issued the prediction that the country could see an all-time record high of 104F in some areas:

Exceptional, perhaps record-breaking temperatures are likely early next week,” said Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Paul Gundersen as he issued Britons with their first ever ‘Level 4 Red Extreme Heat Warning’ – a national emergency.

Forecasters warned of “population-wide adverse health effects” which could lead to serious illness or “danger to life”.