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Police Reinvestigating The ‘Suicide’ Of A Woman Stabbed 20 Times

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Pennslyvania’s Police department is reinvestigating a woman’s case that was concluded to be a suicide in 2011 following insistence from her friends and family that she could not have killed herself. The deceased woman, Ellen Greenberg, was a high school teacher in Philadelphia. Greenberg, at the time, was engaged and preparing for her wedding with her fiancee, Sam Goldberg.

On the 26th of January 2011, Sam Goldberg called the police to tell them he found his fiancee lying dead in their kitchen. Her death was ruled a homicide considering the stab wounds on her body which was about 20 when counted. Half of these wounds were also on her back.

However, the pathologists, medical examiners, and investigators met up to discuss the case following their various findings. In a surprising turn of events, they announced that the ruling would be changed from homicide to suicide, surprising her friends and family.

Her close friend, Erica Hamilton, said, “Ellen was always looking for that happily-ever-after true love: She wanted to start a family; she loved kids; she was excited about getting married and she was excited about having this new job. It seemed like everything was kind of settling into place for her, so at no time did I ever think that she was depressed or so overly stressed out that she was gonna do something to hurt herself. She was happy. She was excited.”

Hamilton added that she and her friend spoke some days before her death, and she seemed so happy that everything was falling into place for her. She noted that Greenberg was seeing a therapist and was on anti-anxiety medications, but she was not suicidal in any way.

She said, “When I found out that Ellen had died, I didn’t know how – the only thing I knew was that they said that she killed herself. When we found out that she had died by stabbing – there was no way.”

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Also, Stern, another friend of Greenberg, spoke to the media. Unlike Hamilton, Stern noted that Greenberg was not herself. She said Greenberg was looking unhappy and like a shell of herself only days before the wedding. 

She said, “We spent that Saturday together bridesmaid dress shopping for my wedding. I could tell her she was not herself. Even when I picked her up to go dress shopping, she just looked disheveled. “She was always fully put together, but her hair wasn’t done, and she just wasn’t herself,” 

Stern added, “When we were in the fitting room, she even started crying a little and just like ‘I’m so sorry, I know I’m not myself. But I’ll get it together.’”

However, the attorney representing Greenberg’s parents noted that the evidence found that at least two of her stab wounds were inflicted after her heart stopped. This could not have been possible if she had done that to herself.

Moreso, evidence also found that Greenberg’s body was covered in several bruises that were just healing, indicating that something else must have been going on.

After fighting to reinvestigate the case for almost a decade, the District Attorney’s office has assigned an investigator and a prosecutor to look into the case again.