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Police in Florida Warns About Laced Mushroom in Chocolate Bars

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Floridian authorities have recently warned parents about some illegal chocolate bars, which as also dangerous. According to authorities, the chocolate bars are laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms, commonly referred to as magic mushrooms. The chocolates are reportedly also made with illegal substances and are being produced like candy.

The Winter Haven Police Department reported having located these bars at a meth den on Wednesday as they executed a search warrant. The chocolate was covered in a colorful wrapper with the label “one up,” presumably a reference to the mushroom-shaped power-up in the Super Mario games. The label also clearly stated that the chocolate contains magic mushrooms which can cause hallucinations depending on the quantity taken.

These hallucinogenic mushrooms in these chocolate bars are a specie of mushrooms that can cause hallucinations. The mushroom has a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound known as psilocybin. Though powerful, this compound is deemed dangerous, and its usage remains illegal in Florida.

These magic mushrooms can also result in increased blood pressure and heart rate. The police added that it could cause many other health conditions, including nausea, vomiting, and even hallucinations or delusions, according to its name.

According to police research so far, they found that these hallucinogenic chocolate are being sold online by a Californian company. This company has the chocolate listed on its website for $30.

Though there have been no reports of children taking such chocolates in the community, the police department sent the bars to a lab for further testing. They also noted that several other states had reported the production of harmful and colorful candy-like pills. These pills also include illegal substances like Fentanyl.

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The police warned that it is better to stay safe and urged all parents to speak with their children regarding what they eat as it could be dangerous.

The Winter Haven Police Chief, David Brannan, told the public about the hallucinogenic chocolates. He said, “This type of substance is a schedule 1 drug and is not legal in the state of Florida. Parents are encouraged to speak with their children about consuming anything that could possibly contain a dangerous substance.”

He continued, “Fentanyl is becoming so widespread, and dealers are finding new ways to entice unsuspecting users. It’s only a matter of time that it could crop up in our area, so we are dedicated to target these dealers.”

The reports of fentanyl usage have spread all over the county recently. West Coast authorities have also expressed concern about the rainbow fentanyl being sold freely on social media platforms.

The DA’s office in California also recently spoke about this in a press conference. He said, “rainbow-colored batches of fentanyl making its way into the county, seemingly designed to market to minors.”

He added, “Reports are showing that many of these sales are happening on app-based programs such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.” He added that the substance had been produced in different forms, including fake prescription piss and even off-market vape pens. It has also been reportedly found in marijuana on occasions. 

Moving on, Brannan advised parents to speak to their children about the risks of these substances so they will not fall prey and carefully monitor their children.