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Pink Floyd Announces Reissue of “Dark Side”, Internet Loses It Over ’Woke” Claims

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Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” is perhaps one of the most iconic albums of all time. The band was formed in the 1960’s and Dark Side, which was released in 1973 was their breakout album, spending an incredible 741 weeks on the Billboard Chart from 1973 to 1988. With that in mind, one would think literally EVERYONE would be familiar with the album art. The cover is maybe the most well-known, iconic album cover in history, featuring the light prism passing through a pyramid. I don’t have to describe it, as you should already know what it looks like. That why it is shocking that so many people on social media are freaking out over the announcement from the band that they are doing a fifty-year re-issue of the album. Check this out.

Pink Floyd fans made noise Thursday after the 60s band said that it would release a 50th-anniversary edition of their album “Dark Side of the Moon” which was initially released in 1973, reports Newsweek.

The announcement was made by the band on their social media accounts and featured an updated photo of the band’s iconic prism and rainbow.

See where this is headed? The left and the lgbtq mob have so hijacked the rainbow that people are getting turnt because of the band using the rainbow, DESPITE the rainbow being on the original album art. Either that, or people simply are just clueless. Not sure which this falls under.

Most fans greeted the news with enthusiasm while others slammed the band with claims of “wokeness.”

“Why does there have to be a bloody woke rainbow,” slammed one Twitter user.

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“Lose the wokeness,” wrote Donna Bradshaw in a now-deleted tweet. “Longtime fan. Do you now have handlers? Kanye has exposed this part of the industry. Been listening to your music since 70s. Let’s see your response.”

It’s hard to blame social media users. The left has taken the rainbow and bashed people over the head with it until it is now only associated with the gay community. The rainbow should be allowed to mean more than just supposed gay pride. Pink Floyd never intended that to be the message from their eponymous concept album about death and aging, and the continued use of it in their re-issued logo also doesn’t have political meaning. That being the case, conservatives need to be careful with their accusations of “wokeness”. We have seen the left time and again water down the impact of words like “racist” and “sexist” by throwing it at every situation and person they disagree with. We don’t need “woke” to lose its meaning. Thankfully conservatives tend to let things go, especially when they know they are wrong and will move on quickly. Just enjoy the re-issue, turn the lights down and trip back to 1973 with Pink Floyd and leave the woke accusations for when we actually need them.

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