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Phone Home! Pentagon Setting Up New Office To “Resolve” UFO’s

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The truth is out there.  Maybe. Maybe not? My assumption is we ARE being monitored and visited by forms of life not native to our planet. To assume we are the only living species in an ever-expanding universe is a bit arrogant in my opinion.

Too many people have seen too much of the same thing to write it off to crazies or coincidence. If 5 people saw someone rob a bank, the robber is going to jail. Yet hundreds of people, or more see the same phenomenon in the sky and people say, ‘nah’? Sorry, that doesn’t work for me.

Recently more than ever, the government has started sniffing around what they now call “Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon”. They couldn’t just call them “UFO’S” could they?

The Pentagon has even gone as far as to set up a new office to “resolve” UAP. Let’s go to Task-and-Purpose and see how the government plans to screw this up:

For years the Pentagon has catalogued and paid attention to unidentified phenomena. These are the kind of things that “do not have an explanation,” as the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence said earlier this year. Recently the Department of Defense has been setting up official bodies to look into UFOs. Now, the Pentagon wants to do more: It wants to resolve the mysteries of these phenomena. This week it officially set up a new body, formally known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, to look at unidentified objects in all fields, including “transmedium” ones. 

So, what we have here basically is a governing body set forth to figure out what we are seeing. The potential exists that some of what is being seen COULD be military in nature from a foreign source, but if all of our spy technology, satellite imagery and the like hasn’t sniffed out a foreign military developing tech like this, then is a new federal office going to help?

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Also, what does “transmedium” mean? Are those aliens that now identify as Earthlings? Just curious.

 It will look into “anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects,” per the Department of Defense.

 The AARO is not explicitly looking for alien life, but simply unidentified objects–which the Pentagon generally theorizes could be unknown foreign technology, atmospheric conditions or similar matters. But the brief doesn’t explicitly rule out extraterrestrial elements. And given the “submerged” aspect, it also doesn’t rule out kaiju a la Godzilla (but don’t expect that). 

That’s the problem with Godzilla. No one expects him! To be so huge, he’s pretty sneaky.

Certainly, there are explanations for most of what people commonly see. However, the old standby of “weather balloon” or “atmospheric conditions” no longer cuts it. As a nation that now has the ability to essentially look back in time with the Webb Telescope, we are going to need better answers as to what we see in the night sky.

The AARO’s full mission brief calls for six areas of focus: “Surveillance, Collection and Recording, System Capabilities and Design, Intelligence Operations and Analysis, Mitigation and Defeat, Governance Science, and Technology.” The fourth point, mitigation and defeat, is interesting as it suggests that the Pentagon wants to counter these phenomena.

Great! I knew the government would find a way to mess this up. “Mitigation and defeat” is a terrible idea. Understand that if we are truly being visited by life from outside our planet, that life has solved the mystery of manned interstellar travel. We haven’t. That technology must be so advanced that certainly they could have weaponry well beyond what we could “mitigate and defeat”.

Same goes if foreign powers are found to be behind some of what we see. The capabilities, aerially, of some of what our own Air Force has recorded is insane. If a country like China has developed that type of technology, we are likely similarly screwed.

Let’s not get ahead of our skis just yet though. It’s a fun idea to imagine we are hunting for ET and Godzilla. Let’s just go with that for now and forget about picking a fight with aliens.