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Passenger Cuffed and Stuffed After Pre-Flight Disagreement Over a Cocktail

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Since 9/11 flying has become a chore. Understandably so, as the TSA has a tough job making sure no one is smuggling nail clippers or sunscreen on commercial, domestic flights.

Post pandemic it seems as if people have forgotten their manners when it comes to little things, like flying and remembering to not be a complete ass-hat when you don’t get exactly what you want. One such ass-hat got reminded that you can’t just say and do whatever you want on a commercial airliner, even if you paid for a ticket. Check this out.

A disgruntled passenger was forcibly removed from his flight after being asked repeatedly by the crew to exit, resulting in a teary meltdown – all over a gin and tonic.

The anonymous passenger supposedly requested a pre-flight cocktail but was denied, apparently prompting a meltdown – the man sobbed as he was handcuffed on the jet bridge.

My initial reaction is to side with the passenger. However, that is only because I think gin and tonic is the GOAT of mixed beverages. It is light, refreshing, and delicious. Plus, if there is a lime wedge involved (there better be), then it is somewhat healthy as well.

However, you can’t pitch a fit if the flight attendants won’t hook you up pre-flight. Otherwise you might just be walking to wherever you are going. Or even worse, riding Greyhound. You can’t get a G and T on there. Meth maybe, but not a G and T.

In a 5-minute long clip of the debacle posted in a viral Reddit thread, the man seated in first class is arguing with airport personnel. They attempted to coax the passenger to leave, informing him that the pilot requested his removal “multiple times.”

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The American Airlines traveler, according to the travel blog “View from the Wing,” asks what he’s done to prompt his removal, and the two men, who appear to be officers, argue that he was “not being respectful” by “arguing with the flight attendant.”

That is all that is required to get bounced from a plane. In fact, airlines reserve the right to bounce anyone, at any time, for almost any reason.

So what did the thirsty passenger do when told to politely leave? He refused and fought, because why wouldn’t he?

In the clip, frustrated passengers can be heard yelling at the man to get off the aircraft as he remains seated, unwilling to budge. At one point, he even pulls out his phone to record the altercation, which is promptly removed from his hand.

The officers attempt to wrangle the man into handcuffs in the aisle, eventually resorting to forcefully grabbing the passenger and yanking him out of his seat as he screams out to “stop.” After being run out of the plane, officers push the man against the jet bridge wall to handcuff him as he wails and falls to the floor, losing a sneaker in the process.

This is just another example that if you don’t follow the rules, you probably are going to end up walking or in cuffs. Literally zero times has fighting a cop ever worked, even an airplane cop. Just don’t even try.

Our thirsty passenger will likely be renting a car or taking the bus for the foreseeable future. A high price to pay for an airplane G and T, even if they are delicious.