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Paris Hilton: ‘I Have 20 Boys’, Freezing Embryos As She Continues Attempts To Yield a Girl

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In an admission as chilling as the state of the embryos, Paris Hilton recently revealed she has 20 frozen male embryos as her and husband Carter Reum attempt to produce a female, because I suppose the world needs another Paris Hilton?

Hilton does not want to physically have a child and has chosen surrogacy. The couple’s first son was born recently, but they have designs of a little Paris Hilton.  She wants a girl, so next to the leftovers in the freezer are 20 boy embryos. Obviously that isn’t exactly how it happens, but check this out.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton admitted in a recent interview that she and husband Carter Reum have frozen 20 embryos — all of them boys — and said that she is “waiting” for the process to yield a girl.

Hilton and Reum welcomed their first child Phoenix Barron via a surrogate last month, and the “Simple Life” star told Glamour UK — for the magazine’s February cover story — that she had just made another attempt and was “waiting” to see whether any of the new embryos were female.

The thought of another Paris Hilton is disconcerting to chihuahua dogs everywhere. Also, to many humans. In fairness to the hotel heiress, she has appeared to mature since her party girl days on the “Simple Life”.

Hilton then revealed that she had already gone through the process of creating embryos seven times — and that the net result had been 20 embryos, all of them male.

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“I have all boys. I have 20 boys,” she said. “I just went through the process again a month ago, so I’m waiting for the results to see if there’s any girls.”

That is some pretty strong DNA from Carter Reum. I have no idea who he is or where he comes from, but you can bet all of his buddies know they have produced nothing but dude embryos. That would certainly be something to brag about in the locker room. Once all the fake males were out of the locker room, that is.

Hilton has revealed that she is emotionally scarred and isn’t willing to do natural childbirth due to an alleged incident in college in Utah.

Hilton also recently revealed that she had chosen surrogacy out of fear that going through pregnancy herself might trigger memories of past trauma she alleges happened while she was at an Utah boarding school at 16 — including involuntary gynecological exams.

She told People Magazine, “I’m just so scared. I think, again, leading back to Provo of even being in a doctor’s office, just all of that. The shots, the IVs that they put in.”

“When I was in ‘The Simple Life,’ I had to be in a room when a woman was giving birth, and that traumatized me as well. But I want a family so bad, it’s just the physical part of doing it. I’m just so scared,” she continued. “Childbirth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything in the world.”

Not to be a buzzkill for Paris Hilton, but there are a lot more things to be scared of in 2023 America than childbirth. I get the death thing, but that is also so 2023, at least under Joe Biden it is. Also, having been in the delivery room numerous times myself, I certainly understand her hesitance to step foot back in there. If I could’ve had a surrogate in the delivery room, I might have jumped on it. They wouldn’t have noticed anyway. Even if the world doesn’t need another Paris Hilton, it doesn’t need twenty more Hilton boys either, so here’s hoping she gets her daughter, and they just please stop.