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Parents are Pissed That Teacher Hired Back on After Getting Fired for This!

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Elementary school teacher, Jenna Hall, reprimanded after posting a TikTok saying she talked to her students about sexuality, has been rehired by another Academy.

This teacher had previously released a video on TikTok where she encouraged the fourth-grade students she was teaching to become queer. The Renaissance Academy in Lehi, Utah, later investigated this TikTok and confirmed that the teacher said some of her students “are queer because I’m queer.”

According to a statement from school officials, “Jenna Hall previously submitted her resignation for the 2022-2023 school year on April 19, 2022. Subsequent to the investigation earlier this week, we have mutually agreed to end our employment relationship for the current school year, effective immediately.” The school also recognized that the teacher had many inappropriate conversations with former students.

In the video posted by the teacher on her Tiktok, she said, “My kids from last year are now in fifth grade and they come to visit me almost every day after school. A lot of them are queer because I’m queer, and they figured it out, and so I’ve become their safe space.

She added that her students who were moving to the fifth grade at the time often visited her class to see her. They would also play a game called “Guess Who” with her and put a “queer” spin on the game. For example, she said they said, “this person looks like a lesbian baddie who is going to come over make ya dinner.

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However, Hall is once again teaching elementary students this year. The Beehive Science & Technology Academy in Sandy, Utah, hired Hall as a second-grade teacher for the new school year. 

Following this, parents organized a small, peaceful protest outside the school to protest Hall’s hiring on Thursday morning. They jointly called for the Academy to terminate Hall’s employment immediately. 

A parent said, “Our kids deserve more from our teachers. Many of us at Beehive removed our children from the public school system in search of real academic excellence without a political agenda. There now seem to be few options free of children groomers like Ms. Hall. Therefore, my family and others with similar concerns have decided to fight back.

However, the school defended her, saying it is “confident” that students will benefit from her presence.

Beehive Academy Director Hanifi Oguz wrote an email to the media, saying the school has advocated human rights for its students and staff. He added that the school would not be involved in any form of discrimination as it stands for the diversity of beliefs and cultures.  

The director added, “Due to privacy laws, we will not be discussing the qualifications of the individual in question. However, we can assure you that this person—like all of our staff members—has been carefully vetted and interviewed. We’re confident that all of our students will benefit from this individual’s presence on our campus.