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Biden’s Formula Failure is Another Notch on the ‘Embarrass the US Belt’

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Much to the Biden administration’s embarrassment, our country had to fly baby formula from European countries to feed our children. Across the nation, specialty formulas for those with allergies have been in short supply. About 132 pallets of Nestle Health Science alpha-amino infant and alpha-amino junior left the Rammstein Air Base in Germany. Another 114 pallets of Gerber GoodStart extensive HA formula were expected to arrive in the following days. These formulas are hypoallergenic for children with cow milk protein allergies. They will fly them into Indianapolis because it’s closest to a Nestle distribution hub. It will be offloaded onto FedEx tractor-trailers and taken to the distribution center. The company will do a quality control track check before distributing the supplies to hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices.

Although this will bring some relief for children, it doesn’t cover all of their special feeding needs. A centralized approach to feeding children by the government is sure to fail as some small minority of children will not be included in the mix of food brought over. The Biden regime has used the Defense Production Act to authorize the manufacturer, Abbott nutrition, to receive priority orders of raw materials such as sugar or corn syrup. The White House said that it would allow manufacturers to increase production. Other formula manufacturers can also receive priority orders of consumables for infant formula and intend to operate their facilities at their maximum capacity moving forward.

The fact that America was desperately flying in on military planes, food that was essential for the survival of the most vulnerable in the country was not lost on the majority of the public. On the contrary, some compared it to a third-world country receiving foreign aid.

Others immediately saw the problem with the regime’s strategy of distributing formulas to doctors. This means that parents will now have to get the permission of another entity to feed their children. This increases the cost of receiving formula and puts a chokepoint on parents getting formula for their children. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said that we were in a controlled medical state because of this.

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Another observation said that the Air Force was loading up C 130s to deliver howitzers and ammo to Europe, and in return, it was loading up on baby formula to fly back to the United States. The absurdity of having enough to kill but not enough to grow the next generation would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. The fault falls squarely on the Biden regime for failing to stop this crisis from occurring before it got to this level. They knew there would be shortages due to the plant in Michigan being shut down since February. They knew that there would be problems, and they did nothing, and now the parents of America must suffer.

Suburban moms decided they didn’t want to vote for Trump because he said mean things over Twitter, and now suburban moms can’t buy baby formula. I wonder if suburban moms will think about this during the next election.