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One Killed, 6 Stabbed and 209 Arrested at London’s Annual ‘Caribbean Pride’ Notting Hill Carnival

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London’s annual Notting Hill carnival which celebrates Caribbean pride and culture has once again descended into mass violence today as gangs turned up to “settle scores”.

Former police chief, Roy Ramm said cops “dread” attending the festival which ends in violence almost every year because drug sellers and gangs’ turn up to ‘mark their territory.”

Yesterday, a former soccer player and rapper, Takayo Nembhard, 21, was fatally stabbed at the event, while police say six others were also stabbed during the course of the festival.

Vile footage emerged earlier today of a white woman being punched to the ground by a black man while at least 74 police officers monitoring the festival were assaulted over the weekend.

“For most people it is safe. We saw a good day on Sunday. Yesterday for most of the day it was a safe place and well policed. Police have learned a great deal over many years about how to police the carnival,” said Ramm.

“But there is a time, always on the last day it seems, that it degenerates. The drug sellers, the gangs, seem to reject the spirit of carnival and take the opportunity to settle scores, to mark out territory and bring out the knives.”

You can see the tweet about the woman here.

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Over 441 revelers were stopped and searched over the two days and 209 were arrested.

“It is a tragedy, a tragedy for the family of the young man who died and a tragedy for the people of Notting Hill,” continued Ramm.

“The trouble is, these young men, and it is young men, they want to fight, mark out their territory and sell their drugs. They are determined to wreck it in the evenings.”

The event, which is mainly attended by black Londoners, more often than not descends into violence. While the event was canceled last year due to the pandemic, in 2019, more than 350 were arrested at the carnival including 34 for carrying “offensive weapons” and 10 sexual attacks.

Ken Marsh, chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation said that it’s high time the event was moved to a private venue where it can be properly policed and attendees can be searched upon entry.

“It is like playing a broken record as the same things keep happening every year. It is very difficult to control, maintain and deal with. Seventy four of my colleagues were injured in what is meant to be a “peaceful” carnival,” Marsh told the MailOnline.

“People turn up with knives and someone has been stabbed to death

“There were also a lot of altercations happening between various groups. 

“This cannot be the case year after year and we cannot continue to allow this to happen. 

“This needs to be held in a private venue, such as Hyde Park, where it can be a lot more easily controlled. 

“We have had conversations about moving the carnival to a private venue, but the suggestions just get batted away.”

It comes after many left-wingers in Britain have continually complained that the police ‘stop and search’ black people in a disproportionate number.

“I have these conversations every time. It is just amazing. These gangs turn up for one reason, to strut around cause mayhem,” continued Marsh.

“There are groups turning up with masks and hoods on. They say it is because of Covid, but we know it is because they don’t want to be recognized by police.

“It seems we are happy that 70 or 80 officers are getting assaulted.”

He concluded by urging London’s left-wing, Labour Party mayor, Sadiq Khan to “give clear language on what he is going to do to solve this issue.”

 “He cannot keep watching every year and thinking it is acceptable.”