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NYC Mayor Defends Homeless Commissioner Over DOI Probe

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New York City’s Department of Investigation has opened a new probe into allegations that Mayor Eric Adams’ Social Services commissioner, Gary Jenkins, withheld key information from him about the fact that migrants were sleeping on the floor at a city intake shelter.

The DOI immediately notified July Savel, the ex-Department of Social Services chief public information officer, to inform her that the agency opened an investigation into her claims that the Commissioner fired her after she launched a formal internal complaint against him, alleging that he was keeping information from Mayor Adams and the public, according to a knowledgeable source.

“Email and text messages provided to the News 4 I-Team suggest that the Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Julia Savel had resisted efforts by Social Services Commissioner Gary Jenkins to conceal crowded conditions in the city’s homeless shelter system from his superiors at City Hall, from the media and from the public,” according to NBC 4 NY. 

Jenkins, the Commissioner, claimed that he was not aware that it was illegal to keep families in the intake office, and the mayor said he was not made immediately aware of the violations of the right-to-shelter law. Staff at the Department of Social Services were quite upset that they couldn’t promptly alert City Hall that these migrants were being sheltered improperly.

Savel, who was fired on Aug. 5, says that Jenkins knew the city had violated a legal “right to shelter” obligation on Jul. 18 and told her to withhold the information from City Hall. 

City Hall said that Jenkins notified Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom in a message dated Jul. 18, which stated that they realized families remained overnight at the PATH intake center in the Bronx. Still, they were not aware of any legal obligations or that what they did was illegal until after the fact. 

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“While we have seen no public indication of an investigation, DOI is an independent agency and will decide on their own what they will or will not investigate. As was previously stated, Commissioner Jenkins was informed of the issue and immediately informed Deputy Mayor Williams-Isom that same morning. There was never any intention by DSS to delay communication of the issue to anyone at City Hall,” said Fabien Levy, spokesman for City Hall. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent migrants to New York City by busloads for several weeks and claims that the federal government is not assisting them with the flood of migrants seeking asylum. 

“In addition to Washington, D.C., New York City is the ideal destination for these migrants, who can receive the abundance of city services and housing that Mayor Eric Adams has boasted about within the sanctuary city. I hope he follows through on his promise of welcoming all migrants with open arms so that our overrun and overwhelmed border towns can find relief,” Governor Abbott remarked in a speech on July 29th.

Under the previous progressive nightmare, Mayor Bill DiBlasio declared New York a “sanctuary city,” which meant that local authorities could not identify or flag illegal migrants for immigration authorities uncovered while on duty, and is also a “right to shelter” city, meaning anyone who comes to New York City seeking shelter is required by the laws put in place by DeBlasio to be provided adequate housing within a certain period of time. Jenkins announced on Aug. 9 that 11 hotels in the New York City area will now be receiving the influx of immigrants from Texas.

The rate at which illegal immigrants enter the Big Apple has now reached unprecedented levels, all thanks to Bill DiBlasio declaring it a “sanctuary city.”