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Not Putin’s Fault? White House Takes Credit for Insignificant Gas Price Decrease, Says No Recession

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Move over $.16 savings on 4th of July BBQ, make way for being grateful to the Biden regime for a tiny, probably temporary, decline in gas prices!

Yes, the Biden regime, and those that parrot, want the rest of us to believe in an upside-down world:  Where huge increases in the price of gas (and everything else) are Putin’s fault, but tiny price decreases are heralded as huge successes by the regime.

The fact that Biden has consistently claimed that the hella-huge increase in gas prices has always been Putin’s fault is well documented.  Those claims ring empty however, when considering the fact that gas prices were in a sharp rise even before Putin started… Putining, is equally well documented.

Yet this regime will still look American Citizens in the eye and, and with a straight face tell us up is down, down is up, the sky is purple, the grass is blue, and on and on.

The regimes economy czar, Jared Bernstein, held a press conference this past Monday to brag about the 34th day of fuel costs declining…slightly.  OAN reports that Bernstein also touted an overall 50 cents decline in gas prices since June, and that he thinks Biden’s “magic wand” (‘member that MSDNC?) will enable the continuing decline of prices.

So, what is this magic wand?  Is it astute foreign policies?  No.  Is it astute domestic policies–like, maybe drilling and keystone pipelines (duh)?  Energy independence (duh again)?  No and no.

According to Bernstein, “We think it’s reasonable to expect more gas stations to lower their prices in response to lower input costs and thus, barring unforeseen market disruptions to see average prices fall below $4 per gallon in more places in coming weeks,”

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Translation:  “We’ve got nothing, but if prices go up remember I said ‘unforseen market disruptions.'”

Up is down.

The press reportedly questioned Bernstein about how could rates continue at 40-year highs, when officials had previously predicted inflation was transitory.  Bernstein had more Biden policy adulation and concluded when you add things up, they do not equal a recession.

…look at the strength of the current economy…look at the strength of the labor market…strength of consumer spending…conclude that where we are right now remains solidly within expansion.”

Translation: “Don’t believe your eyes, they lie.  Listen to me… you are getting sleepy…sleepy.”

Down is up.

When Bernstein was hit with questions regarding Biden’s absolute refusal to accept responsibility for any of the economic woes his policies have caused, Bernstein brushed it off as nonsense and more adulation.

“I think what’s happening here is a President who is working tirelessly to address the largest constraint, probably the toughest constraint facing American households right now: the the budgetary impacts of these elevated prices,” stated the economy czar. “And we’re showing you here today some real results.”

Translation:  “The ‘President’ is tired all the time because he is shot.  But, he is also super-duper awesome!  Sleepy…sleepy.

The sky is purple.

Watch Bernstein stumble through a non-answer when questioned about the regimes propensity to blame others for high gas prices but take the credit for any decrease.

Translation:  The grass is blue.