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Non-Woke ‘Minions’ Grosses More in 3 Days Than Woke ‘Lightyear’ in 3 Weeks

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Will Hollywood ever get it?

The latest movie in the Despicable Me franchise earned over $110 million in just three days, resoundly beating Lightyear, the latest release in the Toy Story franchise which has come under fire for its depiction of a same-sex kiss in a movie whose main audience is children.  Lightyear, a meta-story within the larger Toy Story tale, grossed less than $107 million in three weeks.

Breitbart’s John Nolte puts it succinctly: We now have a perfect dollar-to-dollar comparison to prove how much Americans hate Hollywood’s fascist woketardery.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is not only the fifth title in the successful franchise but also a prequel to the saga. Coincidentally, Lightyear is also the fifth Toy Story movie although it is not billing itself as either a prequel, sequel or a reboot.

What does Minions successful three-day gross and Lightyear’s dismal three-week performance mean? In terms of dollars, Minions, which cost $85 million to produce, is set to make a fortune, whereas Lightyear will likely not regain the $200 million it cost to make the flick.

But Nolte takes the analysis one step further:

‘Lightyear’ is a woketard movie, the latest piece of gay propaganda from Disney’s groomers, a movie with a same-sex kiss that 1) makes 90 percent of the population uncomfortable, and 2) introduces small kids to adult sexuality before those small kids are ready to start thinking about such things. ‘Minions’ is, per the reviews, 87 minutes of simple escapism, silliness, goofy jokes, and fun.

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Both Toy Story and Despicable Me are children’s movies but have delighted adults as well given their pure escapism, positivity, and a healthy dose of magic.  The former is arguably the more beloved, but both franchises have enjoyed monumental success, that is until now with Lightyear’s dismal showing.

The public’s rejection of shoved-down-our-throats wokeism has been a reality that some in Hollywood have picked up on. The most recent blatant example of this is the smashing success of Top Gun: Maverick, an anti-woke, pro-traditional masculinity movie, which is still the number one movie in the country and is about to hit a $600 million domestic gross.  As Nolte states, Maverick celebrates masculinity, getting the job done, the importance of fathers, fidelity to duty, and living a life dedicated to something bigger than yourself.

Another non-woke hit movie is Baz Luhrman’s Elvis which depicts the legendary singer and performer as a true music lover who respected black musical artists rather than a greedy stealer of black music.  According to Nolte, the movie also credits black artists and highlights their influence on Elvis’ stellar career.

Luhrman presents Elvis’ hardscrabble upbringing, a true pull-oneself-up-by-one’s-bootstraps story.  Nolte points out:

…Elvis was an outsider in the South, a very poor boy who faced his own kind of ostracism and prejudice. I was expecting the opposite approach, an apology of sorts. But Luhrmann told the truth and the goodwill this engendered allowed me to enjoy the movie despite its flaws.

Are you listening, Hollywood? We can only hope that the bottom-line trumps continued attempts at woke indoctrination, and the powers-that-be in Tinseltown return to good old-fashioned storytelling to entertain a populace eager for a little magic now and then.