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No Good! Jeff Bezos Reportedly Blocked From Buying Washington Commanders

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Apparently, money can’t buy everything, even if you have more of it than you know what to do with. Jeff Bezos built his fortune with Amazon and used some of it to buy the Washington Post, but his latest attempt to buy a failing business in Washington DC has failed. Bezos’s attempt to purchase the Washington Commanders has been blocked like a field goal after a botched snap. Guess he will have to build another rocket. Check this out.

Billionaire Amazon and Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos has reportedly come up short in his bid to buy the Washington Commanders football team.

In addition, it is also reported that current Commanders Owner Daniel Snyder blocked Bezos from entering the private auction for the team even though Bezos said he wanted to participate.

When an owner as spectacularly bad as Dan Snyder nixes your participation in a sale, you probably will never own an NFL team. The truth is the league doesn’t need someone like Bezos to own a team and even Dan Snyder recognizes that. Snyder is so bad that he has been nicknamed “chainsaw”, and he has built the team into the model of mediocrity.

Jeff Bezos has never gotten over being the nerd in the room. He founded and owns Amazon and The WaPo, and owns his own rocket but perhaps owning an NFL team will help him compensate for other…shortcomings? Not if Snyder has any say so, and he has a lot.

Breitbart News reported last November that the Amazon founder, worth an estimated $155 billion, was eyeing a bid to purchase the NFL team after Dan and Tanya announced that they may be looking to sell the team.

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Snyder reportedly hired the Bank of America to explore selling the team in November of last year. Even still, though, he also has not said definitively that he is selling the team.

According to the New York Post, a publicly unidentified bidder offered $5.5 billion for the team, but that offer did not hit the $6 billion mark that Snyder said he was looking for. The latest bid is close to the same amount offered by 76ers and Devils Owner Josh Harris.

It was additionally reported that rapper Jay Z was also looking to throw in with Bezos to become a part owner of the NFL team. It is unknown if that coalition is still ongoing, though.

The very prospect of seeing Jay Z and Dr. Evil, I mean Jeff Bezos in the owner’s booth lording over a bad team in a field they know nothing about has to have Commander fans, all twenty of them shaken to the core. Washington’s NFL fans have had to watch Dan Snyder ruin their fall and winter for too long to be excited by the prospect of these two owning the team.

Still, Snyder may not be interested in selling the team to Bezos even if the Amazon king did offer a bid that reaches the $6 billion cutoff point.

According to the N.Y. Post, Snyder “holds a grudge” against Bezos because the team owner blames the Washington Post for its years of negative stories about the team that goaded multiple investigations into his conduct and led to pressure by league officials for him to sell the team and get out of the NFL.

Dan Snyder knows how to hold a grudge, even if he doesn’t know how to build an NFL team. Bezos pissed Snyder off with years of bad press, and now Snyder is shutting him down. Looks like Washington will be treated to at least another year of Chainsaw Dan Snyder, but it’s still preferable to watching Jeff Bezon stroke a hairless cat in the owner’s box every Sunday.