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NFL Legend Getting Heat for Suggesting Black Quarterback Might Lose Job

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It has to be difficult to be in the media these days, especially sports media. You have to be extra careful with every word you say and every analysis you make, lest you be called a racist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic. Just put phobic after any word, you get my point! God help you if you criticize a black quarterback as well. It doesn’t matter what the context is, in the last several years if you had the audacity to do an honest analysis of a black quarterback and it wasn’t favorable, you were a racist.

The 2022 NFL season is no different. NFL legend, Hall of Famer, and Fox studio personality Terry Bradshaw is getting some harsh blowback from around the league after having the nerve to suggest a black quarterback might get replaced if he keeps playing poorly! Come on Terry, think! Save yourself!

The New Orleans Saints are on the struggle bus, especially offensively after three games. They have a new coach and have been missing a couple key players on offense, and subsequently have only scored 51 points on offense, most of that in garbage time late in the game. While there is plenty of blame to be shared, the quarterback runs the offense, delivers the ball, and has to play well for the offense to have any sustained success. Jameis Winston, the Saints quarterback, has been uneven at best throughout his career, but Terry Bradshaw better not criticize him!

Head coach Dennis Allen is standing behind his QB1 for now, especially as the quarterback is dealing with a “transverse fracture” and Winston is wearing four layers of protection and a custom backplate during games.

Winston had an excellent week 1, but his play has been bad the last two weeks, throwing 2 touchdowns versus 5 interceptions. If the reason is the fracture in his back, that is on the head coach for leaving him out there when he isn’t healthy. Unfortunately, Winston has a history of throwing interceptions and poor decision making, which led to his departure from Tampa. Allen appears to be making excuses for his QB1.

“Be careful, you might lose your job to Andy Dalton,” Bradshaw said on Sunday, referring to the Saints’ backup quarterback.

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Wow, Bradshaw is such a racist! To even suggest that a black quarterback playing subpar football might get replaced by a guy like Dalton is blasphemy! Of course, no one wants to recognize that Dalton has been to the playoffs and had a great deal of success in the league, which Winston hasn’t. Or that Dalton was brought in as a high-cost backup because Winston has a history of uneven play and throwing the ball to the other team. Nah, must be because Terry is racist.

A lot of Saints fans and others around the NFL world were quick to chastise Bradshaw, whom they view as being quick to criticize a black quarterback instead of thinking critically about the larger situation and everything Winston is dealing with.

Bradshaw’s only mistake was making an accurate assessment about a team and a quarterback seeing their season spin out of control. Everyone else can make excuses for Winston, but Bradshaw is correct. If Winston doesn’t raise his play regardless of his injury, he needs to be replaced, at least until fully healed.