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New Zealand Is Planning To Tax Cow FARTS!

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In an effort to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that are supposedly released into the atmosphere by New Zealand, the government there has proposed taxing animal flatulence.

According to scientists animals are a major source of methane emissions. Cows are solely responsible for around 40 percent of those gases that contribute to the warming of the earth, primarily as a result of their farts and burps.

Scientist Ermias Kebreab had more details to share with NPR regarding cow’s methane emissions:

UC Davis scientist Ermias Kebreab is something of a cow whisperer who has spent two decades studying the greenhouse gas contributions of hoofed animals. “If you tell me how much your animal is consuming, I can tell you pretty closely to the actual emissions using mathematical models,” he said.

“Most of the gas is formed in their stomach, so in their guts, particularly in the first chamber. And so they belch it out.” He and other scientists have developed special diets and genetic predictions that could help reduce the methane formed in cow stomachs.

Now, New Zealand could become the first country to tax its way to fewer “four-legged” emissions.

Scientist Ermias Kebreab isn’t the only one concerned about animal flatulence, Billionaire Bill Gates is too.

According to statements made by Bill Gates in an interview with the MIT Technology Review, wealthy nations like the United States should switch to beef that is entirely made from synthetic materials because the carbon footprints left by animals are reportedly ruining our world.

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Gates also believes huge problems are being caused to the environment as a result of methane emissions, which are caused by the burping and farts of animals. Companies such as Impossible and Beyond, which create synthetic beef made from plant-based material, are the focus of Gates’ efforts to promote the growth of the synthetic meat industry in the United States. Because cows produce an excessive amount of methane, one of the primary goals of this initiative is to eliminate their use in human food production.

However, Gates is not of the opinion that people in less developed countries should consume beef that is entirely manufactured. He did not elaborate on why he believed this, but the most plausible explanation is that the majority of their societies are overly reliant on livestock.

The pioneer of Microsoft, who is now worth a billion dollars, continued by saying that synthetic meat has the potential to alter humans. The answer to your question is yes, he did in fact state that; however, the transcript of the interview includes the term “the conduct of” next to the word “change,” despite the fact that he did not use that phrase.

Now this story may make you chuckle but the reality is if nations and billionaire philanthropists are targeting animals for their methane emissions then humans could be next. As of right now humans reportedly release 60% of methane emissions into the air and some believe that in order to cut down on that number population control needs to occur.